Five Good Things About Being Over 50

5 Good Things About Being Over 50

Marg and I were talking about how getting fierce means embracing where we are in life. Which led to us talking about the benefits of being over 50. Which led to us making a list. To our pleasant surprise, it’s a pretty long list. We decided to share our list five at a time. And we hope that you will add to it! Here’s our first Five Good Things About Being Over 50:

1. We don’t take things as personally as we once did.

Gym sign

2. We recognize we are not as unique as we thought we were and that others have traveled this path.

Happy nuns

3. We can call ’em as we see ’em.

Maxine cartoon

4. We are self-entertaining.


5. We were ahead of technology.

What's Good About Being Over 50




    1. YIKES! That would be nerve wracking El! As it is, I’m always a little bit nervous when you and I are reminiscing over our youth – the girls may be close enough to hear something they will never let me live down!!! Aside from the Lemon Twists (and possibly a few other cringe-worthy things) we were soooooooooooooo cool. – M

  1. Excellent choices to start off with — and all on my list! Another of mine: Bad hair day? Not an issue. The state of my hair has no impact on my mood or self – perception. Besides, a good hair day only lasts until I step out into the wind…

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