Friday Five – Halloween Humor

Halloween Humor

Please enjoy our Halloween Humor Friday Five – with our guest host: MAXINE!


Friday Five - Halloween HumorI know, right?!

 Halloween HumorWe’re so much alike I think we may have been separated at birth!


Halloween HumorI’d like to say “here’s where the similarity ends” but . . .

Halloween HumorNow that’s scary . . .

Halloween HumorI’m not really interested in being a vampire, but I have to admit when I got to the mirror part I briefly considered it!

Happy Halloween!

GoalFest Note:  Don’t forget to stop by Monday and let us know how you did on your October goal! We’ll also be jotting down our November goals and sharing info about the October prize!


  1. Not sure if I had you notice my including you in my One Lovely Blog list of ‘new’ posts I read… I have been up at my Mom’s where I go to use a shared computer… If you would like to read the nomination post it is called Oh so lovely x 2! Smiles and congratulations…

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