Motivational Monday #13 – to Honor

If you are a regular reader, you may have been missing M over the past two months. Our dear friend and her husband are still reeling from, and dealing with, the sudden loss of their 25 year-old son. They are both back to work now, often grateful for the distraction and the focus on their prior normal, but heavy with grief and the constant awareness of what really matters in this life. It is to honor them, and with them in mind, that I offer you the following:

Motivational Monday #13 - In Honor of Andrew


  1. Oh – how deeply sad I am to hear this for your dear friend El. This is a depth of grief I cannot begin to imagine – no parent should have to bury their child. This kind of loss is not one that is ‘got over’ – one just learns how to live with a void inside. But I do know this, in the stillness and silence of their hearts, Andrew will live on. xoxo

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