Motivational Monday #17

Sometimes reasons sound more like excuses. Think about it – when a friend is late  meeting you, wouldn’t you rather hear: “I’m sorry I’m late” than a lame litany of the phone calls, traffic lights, and  carpet wrinkles that slowed her down? The same is true when there is a request to impose on your time or resources. Often the request comes at that end of a sentence that starts out with the red-flag words “Now that.”  Such as Now that you’re retired, or Now that the kids are out of the house, or Now that you’re so good at. If the request is unwelcome, a simple “I’m not able to assist with that” or “I’m not available” is sufficient – you don’t need to provide a reason or create an excuse. Remember:

Motivational Monday 17


  1. Excellent! I forwarded your link to my BFF whose sisters always have her make the reservations when they get together, and then at least one won’t show up (but will phone later with a long-winded excuse), and then the other two will be late.

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