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Quinbloits – Words You Have to Be Over 50 to Understand

Quinbloits - Words You Have to Be Over 50 to Understand

Remember sniglets from back in the 80s? Words for those everyday things or events that formerly didn’t have words for them? There is still a need for such a service. Allow us to present you with QUINBLOITS – kind of like sniglets that are all grown up. Or, maybe ‘senior sniglets’ is more accurate. However you want to compare them, quinbloits are words that only people over 50 will truly understand and appreciate. And yet, as important as each quinbloit is, none of them are in the dictionary. Yet. We figure once we start using them, these much-needed words will eventually find their way to Webster’s finest.

Today’s Friday Five introduces our very first quinbloits – never seen anywhere before! We’re so glad you’re here to share this monumental moment with us!

Qunbloits!Roomember – to find yourself standing in the middle of a room trying to remember what you went in there to get.

Qunbloits!Blotzwalk – the act of re-tracing your steps until you hit the event that triggers your memory about why you entered the room. NOTE: When the memory is triggered, you should immediately write it down before heading back to the location you previously roomembered.

Qunbloits!Groots – the amount of gray in your roots that it takes to motivate you to recolor your hair.

Qunbloits!Pilligation – the act of filling up one’s pillbox for the week – generally performed on a Sunday evening. Related term: Tripilligation – the term used when the pillbox has 3 rows for those who take pills three times a day. NOTE: When a pillholder has 21 rows, it is now a mega pillbox and the act of filling it known as a minipharmpilligation.

Qunbloits!Schmuckal – The decision that needs to be made when the phone rings just as your TV show ends and, while you’re talking to the caller, the theme from Wheel of Fortune blares in the background. Do you explain hurriedly that you’re not actually watching that geezer-fest or hope they won’t hear it if you don’t call attention to it? NOTE: A coschumckal can occur when you hear “Wheel! Of! Fortune!” in stereo and both parties must simultaneously schmuckal.

Our quinbloit dictionary is a work in progress. If you have a proposed quinbloit, please submit it to us in the comment section below or email HERE.ย 

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  1. Roomember is the best! ha ha. I makes me laugh. Walking from room to room is a constant thing at our home.

  2. You’ve been peeking in my head haven’t you? These will be useful words because I can’t remember more than 3 feet.

    1. Then however will you remember the words, Kate?? Maybe we can put them on a necklace so they are close by when needed. Of course, we’ll have to have a quinbloit for that! Thanks so much for checking us out here, Kate!

  3. Fileblivion – Filing something away and forgetting that you did so. The reason I’ve given up on organizing my desk.

  4. Let me piggyback on Dee Dee…analfileblivion: being so organized that EVERYthing goes into its proper file, which would be great if one remembered WHICH file was the proper one…

    1. That reminds me of the year I hid all my favorite Halloween candy to be savored without fear of other’s poaching. Of course, when I stumbled upon my secret place months later, there was more throwing out rock-hard stale candy than savoring going on!

    1. The opportunity is ongoing, Pauline. But when that brilliant quinbloit presents itself, write it down immediately – which means you must always keep pen and paper on you because you can’t risk going to look for it in another room and ending up a roomember statistic!

  5. I read this post yesterday with a giggling interest and considered leaving my word Oomjar but was a little at odds as how best to describe it. Now that I know you’ve seen it over at my blog I feel more at ease in leaving it here. Rather like an unsupervised dog would do, on a footpath ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Okay, I’m filing this post away until July 22, 2015 when I’ll turn the big 50. Funny, I’ve been experiencing “Roomember” for many years. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. When you start blotzwalking you’ll know you have officially joined the clan! And be careful about filing things away – by next year you may not even remember filing it let alone rememebering where!

  7. Your quinbloits would make a great gift book…especially for 50th or 60th birthdays. Or any birthday, even if the receiver can’t remember her age…a BirthBlank, you know. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. That would be fun, Marylin! We’ll need more than 5 – hopefully we can build up our dictionary over the next few months. We’ve already had a few contributions and we’re hoping to get some more. I wonder if the publisher would like my little painted fat-bottom-figures to illustrate . . .

  8. Ifhoundit….definition for ” Have you seen my…” And sentence doesn’t get finished because you find what you are looking for at same time… Or looking for your glasses and they are on your head…and you tell them..nevermind ifhoundit,!!!
    Or how Abt…dadance…meaning what you do when you hear running water…or you get home from shopping arms loaded and can’t get the key in the lock fast enough…I was doin dadance trying to get in the door..or I turned in the faucet and was doing dadance…

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