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There’s an app for that!

SmartPhoneAppsI recently got a smartphone (as in just last week)!

I know! That really should have been in the confessional section of this blog because it is a bit embarrassing to have gone this long without one. However, I held out because I didn’t want ‘Big Brother – Tech Division’, to have loads of information on me that I did not explicitly agree to share. Some say I am a bit paranoid about this (SEE – people are talking about me!!). I tried the latest ‘non-smart’ phone and it was ridiculous. Anywho…(as the ‘older folk’ sometime say), I LOVE my smart phone, so much more than I thought I would, and my girls are working to convince me that it is OK to get some ‘apps’ to go with it. I did do some research and found this site (scroll down to find the list) listing top ten apps for those of us who did not grow up with these new fangled electronic devices,  and thought they were certainly worth passing along. The list includes the following.

I think the Eye Reader is going to come in VERY handy since I am still working on that voice recognition! I am also looking forward to viewing the ‘Older People are Happier’ talk.

Anyone have an app they just can’t live without?

Smart Phone Joke


    1. I try to avoid my computer once I get home from work as my entire work day is spent on it but on the days when I give in to temptation, I can be there for quite awhile – there is just too much ‘cool’ stuff out there on it. I was convinced I did not need a smart phone until I was stuck on a plane that was delayed enough to make me miss my connection. I had to watch as everyone else was able to make alternate arrangements from the ‘comfort’ of their airplane seat while the best I could do was call my husband and ask him if he could research options for me from his work computer! I became a convert!!!

    1. As my reply to Contented Crafter tells you, I am a very recent convert. I was just going to get an ipad or similar device and just use my phone as a phone (novel idea!). However, the smart phone was free – always a selling point for me. We still may get an iPad or surface or whatever as I have gotten a bit jealous of my sister who uses it while cooking from a great recipe she finds online or to have up while working on her latest cool craft! No reason to get a smart phone if the need has not presented itself. You get to be the ‘smart’ on your phone 🙂

  1. I have had a smart phone, although a VERY BASIC one, for several years, but I only turn it on when I am in town in case my husband or kids need to get ahold of me. 😉 Then I have to charge the stupid thing after it has only been on a few hours! I never use it otherwise.

    1. Seems as though kids and husbands always need to check in from time to time – which is a good thing. Not a good thing that your smart phone is not making your life easier though! Sounds nice though that you stay connected in other ways when not out of town 🙂

      1. Actually, my life couldn’t be any easier! 🙂 I have a desktop for internet here at home, and I take my laptop to town once or twice a week and use the library’s or the bookstore’s WIFI if I need to. I don’t chat or text with people really, Very rarely I will chat online at home with a friend.I don’t let gadgets run my life.

  2. I have several apps I can no longer imagine living without:
    *Evernote – I use it for EVERYTHING; I can make notes via voice, typing, and pictures
    *Dropbox- I use this one mainly when on my laptop but the ability to access its contents from my phone comes in very handy
    *PicFrame – when I want to “collage” several pics together to send someone or post of FB (as opposed to all the individual pics); if your smartphone is an iphone there is an ios app that does the same)
    *MyFitnessPlan – many fitness apps (like Runtastic) will automatically upload your data into it.
    *Calendar (I use Google) – cannot imagine going back to paper on this one!

    I came late to smart phones, also, and still maintain the real reason they’re called “smart phones” is because they are smarter than the average human user. I’ve come a long way in three years. Short story is it’s enabled me to be much more efficient in coordinating work and personal life. 😉

    1. I made my first shopping list this weekend by voice! What a great ‘note to self’ ability. I didn’t need to buy an app, it came with the phone. I know, not earth shattering for some but great time saver for me. Efficiency and coordination are both on my list of goals!! 🙂

  3. I have a simple Verizon flip phone and can take pictures and have been so proud of my ability to send them and forward things…I don’t do email or have any apps on my phone. So, you are way ahead of me! Smiles!

    1. I am proud of you too! I could not figure out how to get the pics off of my verizon flip phone. Of course, I had washed it in the washing machine (complete cycle), and dropped it numerous times, and let a very fussy – otherwise screaming baby chew and droll all over it. It still worked but let’s just say the work-arounds were getting ridiculous! I would have hung on to it longer if it would have kept a charge!

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