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New Year, New Beginnings!

  Happy New Year, Friends! I am heading into 2021 with a positive attitude, renewed optimism, and a determination to stay connected! While there were extraordinary challenges, emotion, and loss in 2020, there were also extraordinary blessings, lessons, and acts of kindness. It was amazing to witness the innovation that resulted from a time of limitations – many of us had to get pretty creative when it came to staying connected with loved ones and accomplishing what were once routine activities. Let’s continue to expand on the creativity and lessons learned from last year to make 2021 an awesome year.…
Happy New Year

Memorial Day Gratitude

All those who served gave some; some who served gave all. Remembering, with deep gratitude, those who covered who the cost of our freedom.  
Memorial Day Gratitude

More Friday Five Funnies (Volume 6)

Here’s a Friday Five that will get you heading toward the weekend with a smile on your face!         If you haven’t had a chance to check out our Facebook page yet, drop by for a visit. We hope you LIKE it! Save Save

How to Get Your Winter Glow On

You want to know a great way to beat the winter blahs? Glow your way through those gray days and skin-drying frosts! A little less sunshine and indoor exposure to heat blasts through vents doesn’t have to leave you looking dull. Here are some simple ways to get a winter glow going! Sun up. I’ve mentioned before that I love Maybelline’s BB (Beauty Balm) foundations and the numerous reasons why, which include the dewy finish, its 30 spf skin protection, and its moisturizing effect. So, for me, it was a natural transition to the Bronze BB for my summer make-up…

50+ Stocking Stuffers for Book Lovers

You’re not going to have trouble finding something on this list for the book lover in your life, you’re going to  have trouble narrowing down your choices and deciding what not to get! You might want to print off the whole list for reference. Or to share. If you’re a book lover yourself and you just happen to leave the list laying around where the one who stuffs your stocking may stumble across it, who knows what might show up under your own Christmas tree! Click on the words to find locations for any items pictured. Many of the options…

5 Ways to Reduce Stress with a Blast-From-Your-Past

I have the perfect combination for you! Doctors have been telling us for years how stress can cause all sorts of bad stuff – health issues, emotional issues, psychological issues. Finding ways to diffuse stress is a million-dollar business (squeezy ball anybody?). But worth it, right? Because less stress equals a happier, healthier us. But you don’t have to spend big bucks to get big relief from too much stress. Studies show that thinking about positive memories can have the stress-reducing effect that many of us are in need of. So here’s that perfect combo I  promised you: take a…
Reduce Stress with Blast From Past