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5 Reasons I Stopped Screaming for Ice Cream


Ice Cream

I love ice cream. My favorite flavor since childhood is coffee. There was a time when I gave directions based on ice cream parlors (as in go the Baskin Robbins and turn left, head north until you hit the Dairy Queen, etc.) I even love the pretend-healthy version of ice cream known as frozen yogurt. But I know that my beloved ice cream – or, rather, the eating thereof – stands in the way of getting to the level of fierce I want to achieve. So I know that I need to keep portions small and infrequent. I wondered if the task would ever get easy. Then I discovered these five new products. Just the little incentive I needed. Five reasons that I have stopped screaming for ice cream.

1. Tomato goes better with spaghetti. Haagen-Dazs will be unleashing this new flavor on an unsuspecting Japan next month.

Tomato ice cream

2. Do rabbits eat ice cream?? If tomato isn’t close enough to a vegetable for you, there’s Haagen-Dazs second new flavor: Carrot Ice Cream. Shouldn’t the word ‘cake’ be somewhere around here?

Carrot ice cream

3. Do we top with chocolate sauce or salsa? And just as important, does it look like pea soup when it melts? Neither chocolate nor salsa is going to look good in that!

Avocado ice cream

4. Really? It took me over 50 years to eat kale on purpose. Won over by the repeated sightings of kale on ‘superfood’ lists, I have started lacing my salad greens with it and burying a leaf or two in my smoothies. But don’t even think you can mix up kale with some milk and sell it to me as a form of ice cream!

Kale milkshake

5. What the . . . . ? OK, you can’t even eat this one. I don’t care if it doesn’t have any calories – there’s nothing satisfying about it!

Get the 'recipe' at homegrownfriends.com
Get the ‘recipe’ at homegrownfriends.com


My reality: 

Ice cream diet

I’m willing to make changes to get fierce. I really am. I have added vegetables to each meal. I have added vegetables to my smoothies. I have even added vegetable purees to baked goods. But I will not, cannot, shall not, add vegetables to my ice cream.

Is there a particular food that hampers your journey toward feirecedom?


  1. Pizza! I love pizza. Nice gooey pizza. Yes, I love pizza. Sausage, mushroom and onion pizza, with extra cheese. I have started only having 2 slices rather than 4. I eat a salad before I eat the pizza, so I am full. I have also started to recognize what “Full” feels like. Full is probably salad and 1 slice of pizza, but I am not there yet.

    1. I am sooooooooo with you on cheese-stretching pizza, Sharon! I like the idea of eating the salad first. I’ve taken to making a salad and eating it with the pizza – then making sure I save enough salad to go with a second/third piece. What is wrong with that picture??? -El

  2. One of the best ice cream flavors EVER is garlic. Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it. I suspect avocado would be really good.

    1. Really? Garlic? If I don’t knock it ’til I try it, I may never get a chance to knock it at all. Really?? Well, maybe if it was served with steaming mashed potatoes . . . -El

      1. No, it’s GOOD. You have to go to Gilroy, CA, to get it.

  3. Oops, just read Luanne’s. No to garlic. BUT I bet avocado would be yummy! Technically it’s a fruit, right?

    And for the record, El, red liquid antioxidants are my fiercedom obstacle. If I don’t have any (impossible while watching Good Wife because I don’t want Alicia to unwind alone,) I’m fine. However, if I’m going to have one glass, it will lead to three… When not having any won’t work for the situation, I try smaller glasses less full, so I can have the usual refills for less intake. 😉

    1. Too funny. I kept waiting for something bad to happen to Alicia just last night when she kept sipping the sangria the psycho gave her. Gotta be careful where you get your antioxidants from!

  4. Tomato ice cream makes me want to puke a little. =0 Hilarious post, Shel!

  5. I needed a smile and wasn’t disappointed in this post! I’m with you — NO veggies in ice cream. My all-time favorite is Honey Hut’s (Cleveland company) mint choc chip ice cream. The shoppe in our neighborhood is only open seasonally so I’ve yet to have my first cone this year. Can’t wait! 🙂

    1. Nothing like only having it available for a limited amount of time to really appreciate such a treat! There was just such a custard stand in Utica, Michigan, once upon a time – each bite to be savored! Thanks for the memory, Peggi – enjoy a Honey Hut mint choc chip for me, too, please! (In case you need an excuse to have doubles, I’ve got ya covered!) -El

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