Confessional Monday – Inner Image

Who knew Brian Williams also serves as Confessor! My hair was much shorter back in the day :)
Who knew Brian Williams also serves as Confessor!

I confess – my image of myself is not quite (and by quite, I mean possibly not even closely resembling) the image the rest of the world sees! Most mornings, I think I look pretty good when I head off to work. In my mind I am often irresistibly cute when on a date with my husband. I have paid attention to my hair and makeup (taking extra care with that tricky mascara wand) and made sure my clothes are not highlighting any of my more egregious body flaws.  This is done without the use of any floor length mirrors of course because ‘Hello – far Too Much Information there’.  Second confession –  I am usually quite surprised when I chance upon a picture of myself, on a day when my inner image told me I looked cute, and wearing what I thought was a great and somewhat flattering outfit. The picture did not reflect that inner image!

I am fat and old!

I do not know how that happened. Well, let me rephrase – I do not know how I can forget that for such long periods of time! Would it be better motivation to keep an actual true life picture of myself on the fridge or one that most closely resembles the me I want to be?  I used to think I would be motivated by the ‘goal’ picture but – final confession – I have just been fooling myself. I need to put up the ‘real’ picture if I hope to be motivated to get fiercely real with myself! I like myself. It’s time to show that to the world by taking care of myself.          – M


  1. The real picture is a great idea. I still remember and have the “ah ha” moment picture of me. Someone sent us pictures of the kids from a recent visit and I remember wondering who the fat chick in the blue top was… And the feeling when I realized it was me. I remember sitting in shock and wondering how I could look in the mirror every day and not see how out of control I had let myself get. It was great motivation and I lost about 57 pounds. I have since had more kids an need to drop another 20. I will be looking for that new ah ha picture tonight and will put both on the fridge!

    1. Congratulations on the weight loss Heidi! Pretty amazing how easily we trick ourselves isn’t it? Can’t wait to hear your next success story while sharing stories here on the blog. – M

  2. My motivation several years ago came from pictures of me after spring break on the beach with my children. I couldn’t believe the woman in the photos was me. That was it. I was done being overweight,

  3. I also think the real picture is a good idea, maybe that’s the motivation I need to lose the extra pounds. I’ve also noticed when I look at myself in a store mirror I can’t believe how old I look, my mirror at home doesn’t do this, I like my mirror at home!

    1. OMG, Diane! I think those store mirrors are designed to make us feel we need to buy lots of stuff to fix (or maybe forget!) We really don’t look like that! 😛

  4. I never like pictures of myself. Of course, now I like the ones of me when I was in my 20s – even the ones I thought were awful at the time. No eye bags, parenthesis around mouth, neck lines or jaw softening…and that’s not even going lower!

    But here’s the reality: in real life we are ANIMATED. Even when we check out ourselves in our mirrors, we move and/or make faces or whatever. Animation beats a still any day (unless the still is photo-shopped and air-brushed…) I think it’s great that self-photos – current or goal – motivate some people. However, I’d rather live with the (fantasy) image of me in my head. 😀

    1. Thanks Natine. Photo shopped and air brushed sound good to me and my favorite image will always be the me inside my head. I think my vanity keeps me needing the motivation of the real thing. – M

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