Diet Pepsi . . . And Me

Diet PepsiMonday Confessional

I confess I may drink an abnormal amount of Diet Pepsi in a day. I hesitate to say “too much” but that term may be applicable as well.  My daughters used to tell people that instead of the more familiar waking up to the smell of coffee in the morning, they knew mom was up by the pop of her soda can. Whenever I visit them, I know I will find a ‘cold one’ waiting in their fridge for me. One year, I actually gave it up for Lent (observing the Sunday grace period where you’re allowed to have whatever it was you ‘gave up’ for Lent). The family begged me not to do that again, they preferred to choose their own sacrifice in the future!

Thinking that a diet drink was doing me no harm, I never really worried about it – other than the increased cost of enabling my ‘habit’.  But now knowing the harm it does to teeth enamel and the increased appetite for sweets it can cause, I’m trying to limit myself to one or two a day. I’m closer to my goal when I say two. If I start the day with water and don’t allow myself to have Diet Pepsi until I have drank that water, I do so much better. I treat myself to one at lunch and then maybe one in the afternoon. If I make it to the end of my workday, I don’t usually have one at home at night so I’m home free!glasses of water

I am taking a closer look at my seemingly ‘healthy choices’ and making sure they are living up to my expectations. Water is great for our skin, for our organs, for our digestive systems. It makes our wrinkles less noticeable and flushes out fat!!! I will never give up Diet Pepsi completely, but there may be a day or two in there where I will be Diet Pepsi free and maybe those days will expand to more than one or two in a row – no promises but I feel good working toward that goal.

Have a great week!


  1. For me it’s been diet Coke. So then I read it turns to poison the minute it gets in your body. At that point I switched to Mountain Dew, figuring I would use it to work my way down to iced tea. That’s a lot to give up: bubble, sweets, and caffeine!!! But I gained 10 pounds easy from the Mountain Dew. And I can’t quite get over to something else. I tried orange soda to get rid of the caffeine, but it felt like empty calories. SIGH. Good luck with breaking the diet Pepsi habit.

    1. Alas – getting healthy totally has it’s obstacles!! ‘Doing-the-Dew’ is hard to give up I hear ya! Just keep trying, it’s going to stick one of these times. Think water!!!! – M

      1. I do think water, but there are times it doesn’t do what I want. In other words, the soda isn’t for hydration haha.

  2. I, too, struggle with a weakness for Diet Coke. Ever so often, I pledge to give it up, and I do fine for a few weeks, even months sometimes. Then I get an urge for that bubbly, burning sensation and I succomb. I’ve currently gone for several weeks without one, substituting club soda with fresh squeezed lime and Splenda. I like that, but some folks will probably say that’s just as bad as Diet Coke. Seems like with all the amazing things science can accomplish, someone could come up with a healthy, tasty, carbonated drink. And I don’t mean Perrier!

    1. El here – I love ‘flavored’ seltzer. It’s not sweet – but with the hint of the fruity flavors and the fresh smell, I feel like I’m having a fresh bubbly treat. 0 calories. And, of course, there’s no sodium in seltzer like there is in club soda. Le Croix and Seagram’s can be found at many grocers and in addition to the basic lemon, lime and orange have flavors like grapefruit, peach, and black raspberry. I even love the colorful cans!

    2. I know and once you have that first satisfying gulp, you know its going to be awhile before you can give it up again! Science should definitely be on our side Dee Dee. We need to convince them there is a market out there for that – a market that would help both sides profit handsomely. 🙂 – M

  3. I stopped drinking diet soda about 5 or 6 years ago, when I realized it was stimulating my appetite. I’ve always loved water, so it wasn’t hard to stop.

  4. Here’s another reason to drop diet (and any kind of) soda: carbonation bloats. That was the motivating factor for me to give up my daily afternoon Diet Coke. I have enough extraneous curves without bloated belly and the discomfort that comes with it. 🙂

    1. Bloat is never pretty! Perhaps if I stuck a great big BLOAT sticker over all the other familiar enticing Diet Pepsi labeling I would be able to resist. Better yet a picture of my bloated self!! 🙂 Now that would surely be off-putting. – M

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