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Diet Sabotage

Diet SabotageMany of us were raised with the parental phrases “Clean Your Plate!” and “Don’t waste food – there are children starving in China.” My earliest thought of helping “those less fortunate” may have been my selfless desire to send my broccoli to some of those starving children.

From a health perspective, I realize that ‘cleaning my plate’ is an activity better left to a dishwasher  – and no matter how much food I eat there will still be starving children somewhere. So why, at the end of a meal, am I the only one with no food on my plate?

And then it hit me. I save the best for last. I save the BEST for last! Like it’s a reward for getting through the just-okay stuff. I’m not sure how or why I developed that habit, but I knew it was one I had to break.

So now when I get food, I head right for the tastiest morsel. It still feels weird to scoop out the very center of the dressed baked potato, or to eat the cheesiest piece of pizza first. But doing so ensures there will be food that’s easy to leave on my plate. The dryer edges of the potato and less cheesy pizza slice are not dangerous temptations. But on the flip side, no matter how full I might be, there’s no way I’m leaving he cheesiest anything behind!

My new motto? Eat the best and save the rest for last!  -El

Diet Sabotage



  1. These ideas aren’t anything new, but I know the absolute best way for me to undermine my good eating intentions is to bring something I can’t resist home from the store. Things like packages of cookies or a half gallon of ice cream. I know me, and I know I’m not going to stop with two cookies or a half cup serving of ice cream. So, I just don’t bring them home. Even if I have to make a trip to McDonald’s every day to get an ice cream cone–not that I’d ever do such a thing–I’m still better off than having ice cream in the house. And the best way to avoid bringing home things like cookies and ice cream? Make sure I’m FULL before I ever take a step into the grocery store.

  2. The ideas may not be new, but they are definitely effective and it’s good to be reminded about them. One simply cannot eat what is not there. And speaking of shopping when full, I just read today (I feel a blog post coming . . . ) that the same principle applies to getting on social media – getting on FB and Pinterest when hungry and seeing all those tempting dishes posted isn’t a good combo!

  3. My sabotage was picking a number on the scale I felt I had to weigh, and berating myself when I wasn’t making progress toward it — or worse, moving away from it. When I began making food choices with the intent to get HEALTHIER, the number went down without my obsessing over it. Then I had my major number aha: if I maintain eating with health in mind, my body will eventually maintain the weight it’s intended to be! (And when I continually make poor choices, there will be consequences…)

    Eating the best first, as you suggest, is a great strategy because the first bites taste the best — both to taste buds and emotions. I try to keep that in mind when it comes to chocolate (key word is try;) how many bites before I’m just eating rather than savoring? Hmmm…

    1. Focusing on health instead of numbers makes so much sense. And after seeing you so recently 🙂 I can attest that the strategy is working very well for you – you look great! -El

  4. How many times have I heard “eat dessert first,” and never connected it to what you just wrote? You just always bring it home.

  5. When I first read your title I thought, but I already know hot to sabotage my diet! You’ve made some great points here. My mother says that food will sometimes go to waste, whether it goes to waste in the trash can or in your body is up to you.

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