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Snail MailCaptureI’m all for progress, I really am! Thankful everyday that I have a dishwasher, clothes washer, car, computer and yes, even a cell phone. We here at FBFGF were raised in the era reliant on USPS for long-distance communication, recently coined ‘Snail Mail’. I’m hoping you’ll agree with me that it is still relevant. Texting, face-timing, tweeting, emailing – all great – truly. But there are still classics that are best said with a card/letter/note sent via snail mail. You know, at first it seemed like a derogatory term. But think about what snails always take with them – home!  I’m always delighted to receive personal mail in my actual-physical-stuck-in-the-ground-at-the-end-of-my-driveway mailbox.  Here are my top five reasons to continue snail mail (aka: A Little Touch of Home).

1) Love Letters: Need I say anything here? Someone took the time to put down with pen and paper tender feelings about why they love me. I don’t want that in a text or an email – I want that in a physical form I can add to those already received (or yet to come!), tie with a ribbon and keep for perusing whenever I feel so inclined.

2) Thank you notes: Can’t beat an actual hand-written note expressing your thanks for the thoughtfulness of another. An email is nice, a text is OK, but a card that lets you know I really appreciated that nice thing you did for me just can’t be beat.

thank youecardCapture

3) Birthday Cards: I know, I know – ecologists everywhere bemoan all the paper products that deplete our earth. However, there are many cards that are biodegradable and also contain seeds. So that birthday card that’s so much fun to receive (and WAY better than dancing monkeys on a computer screen) can be used as compost or grow a tree or sprout a flower – BONUS!

4) Get Well Cards: It’s so nice to be thought of when not feeling well. A phone call is sometimes more than you can handle at the time, a text doesn’t cut it and the recipient might not even get to an email until he or she is already feeling better. Displaying cards that are sent to cheer and personally signed is really the best way to express your feelings of care and concern for a loved one.


5) Just Because: How special to receive a note out of the blue for no other reason than someone dear to you is thinking of you. Sometimes those greetings stay in my stash long after the birthday cards, Mother’s Day cards, and Christmas cards have been recycled simply because they were not mandated by an obligation or calendar date.

Progress is good. Classics are even better.  -M

emailing noteCapture


    1. It truly must keep soldiering on ,or make that shouldering on since those snails do seem to shoulder a whole lot what with bringing the house and all plus the mail carriers shoulder that huge bag…. Glad you enjoyed the post Noreen! -M

  1. Love this, M! All are good examples of the joys of snail mail. Sort of like real books: I love my e-reader and tote it all over creation, but there are times when sitting all cozy and turning real pages is what my soul needs. 🙂

    1. Thanks Natine and I second your thoughts big time. Nothing quite does it like an honest to goodness book in the hand, even though e-readers have their place!! -M

  2. I agree there are occasions when nothing will do but snail mail. Expressing sympathy comes to mind. And just the other day I received one of those “just because” cards, and it was truly a treat. But as for birthday cards, I’m sticking with my lately acquired habit of sending greetings electronically. I kind of like those animated cards, dancing monkeys notwithstanding. Can I at least get some points for sending tasteful cards of birds or flowers or lake scenes, accompanied by background classical music? 🙂

    1. Sympathy cards are another excellent example – electronic condolences really don’t quite do it for me. You can have some points for not sending dancing monkeys, might have to take some away for the classical music though!

      Just kidding 🙂 -M

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