More Friday Five Funnies (Vol. 4)

More Friday Five Funnies (Vol 4)

If  knowing the weekend is right around the corner isn’t enough of a reason to put a smile on your face, let us give you five more reasons! We picked 5 favorites from our Facebook page to send you into the weekend with a chuckle!

More Friday Funnies (Vol 4)


More Friday Five Funnies (Vol 4)


More Friday Funnies (Vol 4)


More Friday Funnies (Vol 4)


More Friday Five Funnies (Vol 4)

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If you want to catch up on Friday Five Funnies you may have missed, here are the links for the first three:

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  1. I’ve lost 45 pounds since January of last year. I have another forty to go but look forward to being there by January of next year. Taking it slow and easy, but had a fail moment a couple of days ago. It was hot. I hadn’t had lunch and was coming back from the hairdressers. Stopped at the intersection. I knew the Dairy Queen was just around the corner and I could slip down and grab a small cone and have it eaten before I got home. AS soon as I got home my husband told me he failed and ate two honeybuns at work (and didn’t even enjoy them). I had to confess my soft cone to him…and that I thoroughly enjoyed it. IDK. We MIGHT make it another year, maybe not.

    1. Congratulations, Susan! That is an awesome accomplishment! I don’t consider a small cone a “fail” – I think the fact that you stuck to a small and didn’t let the treat sabotage your efforts going forward is downright healthy. Love that you are past your half-way mark to your goal AND that your hub is taking the journey with you – very inspirational!

  2. You made my day with the attitude that forgetting is making space for new thoughts! That’s a forgetfulness philosophy I can applaud! 🙂

  3. I want to share the site with my FB friends, but then they will read what the site is saying before I have a chance to send it to them!!!!!! What the heck….going to share the site with them because that’s just the kind of gal I am……a day late and a dollar short!!!!!

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