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Friday Five: This and ThanAs you may have figured out by now, we are voracious readers. We read for fun, we read to learn, we read because we see something written that snags our attention or that may move us closer toward fiercedom! Here are 5 articles that caught our interest this week.

Friday Five: This and ThatI’ve been hearing more and more about the problems that can occur if one has a Vitamin D deficiency. But I hadn’t heard this before: Vitamin D levels below a certain threshold could more than double your risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia – and one in four seniors come in under that level. Click HERE for a concise article from Senior Planet which summarizes the latest on this.

Friday Five: This and ThatFinancial Fitness is an important element for aging gracefully. NPR’s article, Women and Wealth – Local to Global Money Lessons, gives the advantage to women, but you still have to follow some important guidelines and be Fierce about your finances. And you do have a right to know what your family income is and where it goes. Click HERE to read more.

Friday Five: This and ThatAccording to a review of the latest research on senior athletes appearing in the September issue of The Journal of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, deterioration of the body as we age isn’t necessarily inevitable. Is there such a thing as a Fountain of Youth for bone and joint health? If so, is it too late for us to get started drinking from that fountain? Click HERE for a summary of the study findings in this brief article from ScienceDaly.

Friday Five: This and ThatI love finding out the origin of different phrases – “waiting with bated breath” is one El and I have debated more than once! (Many sources refer to Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice where the term was first known to be used and was a shortened version of ‘abate’ – as in breathing stopped until . . . ) Click HERE to clear up 7 more you’ve wondered about. Who knew all it took to get married was ‘fresh breath?!

Friday Five: This and ThatWhether you are looking forward to a long-awaited movie or, like us, you don’t have a clue what’s coming out, this BA50 (Better After Fifty, of course!) guide might be just the help you need. Each movie is summed up in a couple of lines to give you an idea of what it’s about, then listed with the month and week it’s coming out. It even includes a few trailers so you can check out the action yourself. While I never heard of most of them (I freely admit I am woefully out of the Hollywood loop!) there were a few that sparked my interest and some big name stars I haven’t seen for awhile. Click HERE for your sneak peek to coming attractions!



  1. Thanks for adding to my weekend reading! I’ve been following vitamin D info, also, and health articles related to fending off dementia. This was timely! 😉

    1. A couple of years ago I requested that Vitamin D be tested for when I was having blood drawn for other tests. The nurse for the issuing doctor asked why and I told her what I’d been hearing about other Vitamin D issues and she made some crack about every time Dr. Oz says something new blah, blah, blah. The way the order for blood tests was issued, insurance wouldn’t have paid for that test. This year my oncologist said I HAD to have that test done – when I asked about coverage she said it just has to be coded properly and it will be covered. And it was. Just another discussion we need to be having with our doctors and asking questions about if we get pat dismissals.

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