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Five to Frame

Five to Frame

One theme that keeps popping up as we continue on our fierce journeys is “simplicity.” Many of us are de-cluttering, scaling back, buying less stuff, and de-stressing by simplifying things that just don’t need to be as complicated as they can be. And that includes home decor. We want around us that which makes us smile. And smiles don’t have to cost a bunch of money! Here are five to frame* that keep things interesting – but simple!

1. For the kitchen: Beautiful or whimsical food pictures. Tear them out of magazines or old cookbooks. Because they are virtually free, there’s no problem changing with the seasons, holidays or your latest yen!


Five to FrameFive to Frame








2. For the den: Maps. They are available wherever you go at convenience stores. Second-hand book stores are a great place to look for books on specific places, geography, biblical maps, and vintage depictions. Travel the world on a wall!

Five to Frame


3. Craft areas: Vintage Sewing Patterns. Framed individually, in duos or groups, they make an interesting focal point. You can often find them for a dollar or less at antique stores or malls.

Five to Frame


4. For dining areas: Pages from a picture book. If you don’t have any old ones you’re willing to deconstruct, check out garage sales and used book stores. In regular book stores, there’s often bins of clearance books that can be had at drastically reduced prices.

Five to Frame


5. For bedrooms: Fabrics. Some of those “scraps” in fabric and craft stores are pretty good size. Play with color combos and textures to make interesting groupings.

Five to frame


For bathrooms: Print an inspirational saying on a complimentary scrapbook paper. If you don’t have a favorite saying, do a Google search using any word plus “quote” or “saying,” such as “kindness quotes” or “funny sayings.” You’ll have so many to choose from, you may need more frames!

Five to Frame

*Reasonably priced quality frames can be found in clearance sections of department stores (ask!), craft stores, garage sales, antique stores, second-hand stores. A little craft or spray paint could turn it into the perfect match. You might even find some frames in your own closets or basements – if you’re willing to remove the picture of the relative you weren’t willing to hang on your wall!



    1. I saw a cool arrangement where the map was cut into four and each was framed and the frames were put in a square on the wall – very interesting visual! Love the idea of framed assembled puzzles, too – a framed accomplishment as well as great pic!

  1. Thanks, Jill. I forgot about two large, gorgeous puzzles I have under my carpet. Should drag that out and frame for the laundry-room as I had once planned. A French sidewalk anyone? An English garden? Thanks for the ideas. 🙂

  2. In Abilene, KS, there’s a little diner by the railroad tracks near the Eisenhower Library and Museum. It’s called Fat Daddy’s, and the walls are covered with old posters and completed posters, the framed covers of magazines and sewing patterns from the 50s-late 60s, and hand-painted quotes, “food for thought to go with your food for stomach.” It’s a hoot.

  3. I like when people choose unique things to frame, menus, maps and theater programs. I love looking at memorabilia. I could go through a museum on the 50’s through 80’s and spend hours looking at ‘stuff’ or ‘collectibles’ depending on who is doing the viewing. Great post!

    1. Love the idea of framing memories, Robin – how can one enjoy stuff that’s tucked away in a drawer?? I also enjoyed seeing you on Mark’s blog – that was fun!

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