5 “What a Great Idea!” Food Tips

Welcome to Friday Five! Today we’re dishing up 5 fun food tips that you may not have heard about!

1. Custom taco shells. Break out the whole wheat tortillas, bake as shown in the picture, and enjoy healthier tacos!

blog2 tips bake tortillas to make own crispy taco shells2

2. Stave off the need to make banana bread. Wrap cellophane around the banana stems to make them last 4-5 days longer.


3. Whether poTAtoes or poTAHtoes, throw in an apple. It keeps them from budding.

preserve potatoes

4. Floss regularly. Use dental floss to cut soft breads, doughs, and cheese – it allows you to cut without flattening your food.

Dental floss slicer

5. Bake an egg. Do ‘hard-boiled’ the Alton Brown way! Bake in the oven at 325 degrees for 30 minutes. Baking reduces the sulphor smell and the final result is creamier eggs.

Alton Brown eggs

Have a nifty tip for food? Well, don’t keep it all to yourself – share it with us!




  1. I’ll have to let my mother know about the cellophane around banana stems. She’s always complaining that her bananas ripen too fast.
    I use salsa as salad dressing. It’s low in calories and gives the salad a great spicy flavor.
    Happy Weekend!

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