A Baby Shower for Grandma?

A Baby Shower for Grandma?Do you have a buddy who’s excited about the arrival of her first grandchild? Is she living close enough to be a frequent provider of care? How about throwing her a ‘Granny Shower?’

While baby showers are generally intended for mothers-to-be (or – to reflect how enlightened I am – parents-to-be), they’re not the only first-timers who could use a little help. Sure, grandma may already be doling out dollars to the expecting couple to assist with necessities as well as stocking up on “What Happens at Grandma’s Stays at Grandma’s” bibs, but is she buying the more mundane things that would be helpful to have at her own house? Diapers, wet-wipes, sleepers, t-shirts, etc?

Or maybe grandmother-to-be is on a fixed income. Wouldn’t it be fun to pitch in with friends to present a higher-dollar item, such as a high chair or car seat, that would otherwise have to be transported between homes, thus making things easier for parents and grandma?

This gathering is about celebrating friendship and grandma-hood. The attendees are pals who want to be there versus obligated family members buying obligatory gifts. No registries. No endless oohs and awwws over laundry baskets full of miniature items. Themes – if used – can be more mature. Party games may be omitted. And – bonus – because the guest-of-honor isn’t pregnant, alcoholic beverages (margarita anyone??) can be an option!

For some fun first-time-grandma gift ideas, check out our Friday Five this week! -El

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  1. Even if the granny-to-be isn’t fortunate enough to live close to the new baby, I still recommend a shower. Suggested gifts: spa gift certificate, Botox treatments, fillers, liposuction, gym membership… 🙂

  2. I love it!! I did that for a friend of mine years ago, well I didn’t have a Granny Shower, I just bought a big basked and filled it with items she would need. Love the Shower idea and the Granny sippy cups, too cute!


    1. That was a great idea for your friend, Tresa. I’m with you on those sippy cups – I can think of a lot of occasions when they would be well-received! -El

      1. Sippy cups are a good idea for Claire and for me these days. Also thinking about getting an adult bib. 🙂 Always love your party ideas.

      1. I’m not sure I fit in. I just passed 40, so I have to come a long way until I can say I have a fatbottomfifties-look, lol.
        And I keep an eye on my children that they don’t make me a grandmother yet, I’m not ready. 🙂

        1. Keep hanging out with us Mirjam and by the time you get to fifty you won’t have to worry about having a fat bottom because you’ll be fierce, too! We’ll lead the way, but you’ll never catch up! And I’m glad you’re keeping an eye on the kids. It’s terrible to see children having children – such a difficult path in life!

          1. Haha. I sure could never catch up. You got that right!
            And somehow, in this case, that feels like being behind on you fierce women, lol. My compliments, because normally people would really like it better to be 40 than 50. 😉
            *Sneakily checks own bottom. Sigh of relief. Not fat yet! There still is hope.*

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