Fourth of July Humor

We know many of you have a busy day planned, so we thought we’d provide a quick chuckle with a little Fourth of July humor to send you into your holiday with a smile on your face!


1. Oh Betsy, what were you thinking? A flag today, a canopy in your later years . . .

Fourth of July Humor


2. This is also a great way to do smores!Fourth of July Humor


3. Life before man-purses.

Fourth of July Humor


4. Humans aren’t the only ones who wait for the last minute to plan.

Fourth of July Humor


5. Great way to plan ahead!Fourth of July Humor




Fourth of July Humor


  1. Hey — some of us fierce fat-bottom fifties are vegan. We love veggie burgers. And veg-ke-babs. And veg dogs. We make veggies sexy, fierce, fun, healthy AND tasty. No need to consume flesh to have a good meal. 🙂

    1. Love that veggies can be made sexy, fierce, fun AND tasty, Crystal – pass me a veg kabob, please! One of my on-going goals (which will hopefully result in less bottom!) is to find more foodless ways to celebrate and enjoy life! Hope you have a great Fourth weekend! -El

  2. I would like to find a veggie burger that tastes good. The ones I have tried have spices that make it taste like they are trying to hard to make it palatable.

    1. How about a roasted cauliflower “burger” or portabello “burger?”

        1. I WISH I did – I’m still working on the cauliflower!

  3. I personally make a mean, homemade veggie burger, I love all kinds of food, including meat, but I feel better when I eat less meat.

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