Friday Five – Orange Crush!

Orange Crush!This time of year I get homesick. Fall in Oklahoma can be very pretty, but it’s more subtle than where I was raised. There’s lots of gold, burgandy, yellows and greens – often against a very blue sky. There are windy days when leaves dance and skitter across the road in front of the car and I can’t help but smile. And, of course, if you’ve known me more than five minutes, you probably know that I am totally enamored with the hayrolls that pop up across fields during the season. So fall can be quite lovely here. But it’s not Michigan, where oak trees and maples abound with vibrant colored leaves. And it’s certainly not Maine – a state I visited every October for over a decade until my parents had the audacity to move to Florida. The riot of color on the sugar maples were gasp-worthy. Every visit I sounded like a Trix commercial in my awe: “It’s yellow-yellow, orange-orange, red-red!” I miss the fiery reds. And I really miss the orange-orange. It’s just not fall without a little orange-orange going on. So here’s five I found to put some orange back in my fall!


Orange CrushTry paisley pashmina for a little orange punch!

Orange Crush!blog fall leaf small

If you can’t go to the leaves, bring the leaves to you . . .

Orange Crush!

blog fall leaf small


Pumpkin’s not just for pies anymore!

Courtesy of indulgy.com
Courtesy of indulgy.com


blog fall leaf small

Go retro with this 1970s inspired poncho – stay warm and have full use of your arms!

Orange Crush!blog fall leaf small

Orange + polka dots = Best puddle jumpers around! The combo makes me smile!

Courtesy pinterest.com
Courtesy pinterest.com

Not everybody likes orange. What helps you get your fall on?

Orange Crush!



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  1. Orange was always my favorite color as a child. I believe it had something to do with the circus. It’s blues and purples now. I live in Florida where it is perpetually green. :/ I miss orange. We only get to see a lot of it when the inmates go out for a walk.

  2. You think YOU miss the orange orange of fall? For decades I assumed those October colors were to celebrate my birth month! Here in central FL I recognize the season by only two things: temps drop into 70s with low humidity, and trees I’ve heard referred to as “golden coin” develop striking dusky pink blooms. Florida foliage – outside of manicured tourist areas – pretty much just fades.

    (I’m still laughinng at sknicholls’ comment about the inmates!)

    1. Laughing with you, Natine! Was just saying yesterday that one of the things I miss most about not going to Maine in October is that drive along the river to your place in Vasselboro with that striking ivy covered school and the phenomenal view from your balcony. I can only imagine how much you miss it! Of course, my drive always ended with a very disappointed Duchess after seeing who stepped out of the vehicle! -El

  3. Love the umbrella and the boots. <3
    We enjoy a gorgeous parade of autumn color here. Sorry, you do not.
    The inmates remark has me in stitches as well.

  4. Loved this post – inmates & all! Fall is my Fav – I fell in love in the Fall. 😉

    1. Me, too, Tricia! I’m afraid I’m going to go to Florida tomorrow and come home the following week to winter! 20s and 30s coming up??

      By the way: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  5. I moved to Florida in search of an Endless Summer . . . and really don’t miss the drastic change in seasons. But we’ve enjoyed lots of Fall Foliage in VT, Maine, NJ, and Williamsburg VA. Spectacular colors and crisp air ~ perfect for a short visit before heading south again.

    1. It sure is hard to beat a New England fall for beauty, Nancy. I do tend to glamourize the beauty out there and, because I could always select when I would visit, forget about the challenges the rest of the year – like the crazy long winters and that particular type of fly that drove us bonkers in summer. On the other hand, I have endured a season or two of “love bugs” in Florida and they rate pretty high on the annoying scale. Watch out for clusters of people wearing orange out there!

  6. I love fall colors too because I love color, but I hate the cold and would opt for a life in FL too if I could. But who knows? My house is for sale so I may get to FL yet, or at least someplace warmer year round.

    1. With a name like “Sunni” it’s not a wonder you gravitate to the warmth! I’m not sure where you are now, but I noticed on your site that you spent five years in Alaska – seems like that would be enough to leave you with a permanent chill! -El

  7. I love the colours of autumn – though maybe not right now. I also love brightly coloured gumboots, especially if they have a little bit of bling around the top too 🙂 This is a new fashion and one I wish would have appeared many many years ago! I also rather like the umbrella – and the orange of Florida is globally recognisable 🙂

      1. El – you are a little gem! Very fun idea!! I knew you wouldn’t know what gumboots are – I’m on a mission to spread kiwiana globally 🙂 I wasn’t expecting you to be so proactive first thing in the morning though….. maybe it’s not first thing where you are?

        1. Your first instinct was right, Pauline – I’m not very proactive first thing in the morning! It looks like that was a 2:00 p.m. response. But I still want my brownie points for the garden connection!

  8. I like those orange puddle jumpers! I’m not sure I could pull off the orange nail polish though. I actually haven’t worn fingernail polish in six years. I got tired of the Ten Day No Chip chipping the first ten minutes. I could do the orange on my toes though. Oh, I’m loving the color this autumn.

    1. Orange is definitely my go-to toenail color. A color called “Cajun Shrimp” – a coral that I used for years. I tried to shake things up and found myself with a slightly lighter shade of coral or more orangy. Got crazy and tried burnt orange last time. But I inherited my dad’s square hands (which I shan’t complain about since it came with a thick head of Portuguese hair) so when I make my annual attempt to feminize them, I keep it light!

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