National Bacon Lover’s Day is Tomorrow!

National Bacon Day!OK, celebrating National Bacon Day may not seem like a good thing at first – but wait! Even those of us who are working to be less fat-bottomed and fiercer can celebrate these foodie days and still meet our goals. The older we get, the more the ‘everything in moderation’ maxim rings true. If we allow ourselves a once a year celebration of bacon, I for one, know it will be better than the continued indulgence throughout the year. This unofficial holiday was started in 2000 by residents of Craig in Bradford, MA.

Here are five reasons to celebrate National Bacon Lover’s Day. Even if you choose not to participate, it’s always nice to be on top of these National Celebrations so you can at least be part of the conversation!

1. Maple Bacon Doughnuts: El and I enjoyed one of these on one of her great trips out to visit me. I never considered the combination a winner, but after venturing a taste I now can’t imagine why it wouldn’t work! [Click the pictures for recipes]National Bacon Day!

2. The Best Bacon Jam: A little spread on a bagel or whole-grain bread and you have breakfast on the go!

International Bacon Day!

3. Bacon-Wrapped Onion Rings with Spicy Sriracha Mayo: Talk about impressive! I can’t think of anyone who’d fail to be impressed when served this delicious appetizer!

International Bacon Day!

4. Secret Ingredient Cooking Contests. International Bacon Lover’s day is meant to be a social event – and how much fun are secret ingredient cooking contests?! These Beer Batter Chocolate Cupcakes with bacon frosting have CELEBRATION written all over them!

International Bacon Day!

5. The Office Quote that makes me laugh. In less than 30 seconds he explains how to wake up to crackling bacon. Here – I’ll let him tell you himself!


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  1. I made chocolate covered bacon and took it to a square dance and it was the hit of the night, not to mention soooo yummy!!!

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