New Year, New Beginnings!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year, Friends! I am heading into 2023 with a positive attitude, renewed optimism, and a determination to stay connected!  Join me on the 2023 journey of embracing where we are in life, continuing to grow and learn, being our feircest selves – and let’s have fun doing it!

What would a New Year be without a mention of New Year Resolutions (NYR)? And I say “mention” because it’s not going to be a long conversation! By this age, most of us fall into one of two NYR positions: (1) If I want to make NYRs I can pull out the list I drafted in 1985 (the same one I used in 1992, 2004, and once again last year)  because I still need to lose weight, get more fit, get more orgainzed, and stop procrastinating. Or (2) My NYR is to never make a NYR again.

I hear you, friends! That’s why I’m sharing here my NYR Reality FB posts – a little something to start our 2023 time together with a chuckle.

New Year's Resolution

New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions

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Ready to join me in making 2023 an awesome year?

(It’s not a New Year’s resolution, it’s a DECISION!)


  1. It’s the first Monday of the Year! I am motivated, my Fat – Bottom needs to lose just a bit of weight, 80 pounds. I started a dirty Keto diet or a low carb diet. doing ok, for my first day, so my smart goal is to lose 80 with in a year. you have to write it and declare it. so her is my declaration of independence for all to see 🙂
    1. i will drink more water => 60oz
    2. i will not eat after 8 pm
    3. 1 will not eat before 10am, trying to get me to noon. giving me at least 14 hours of intermitten fasting.
    4. i will get 10,000 steps before i go to bed.
    5. I will join an exercise program on line. perform 3-4 day a week.
    6. l will low carb meals
    7. i will track all my food.
    8. i will forgive myself if i fall off the plan.
    9. I will get on the plan
    10. I will go to be before 11pm and get up at 5:45am. trying to get more sleep than my normal 4-5 hours a night
    11. i will eat more vegetables
    12. when i get to the end point will purchase new clothes, get all dolled up and go on a cruise.
    Thanks for listening.
    Lets Go!

    1. I agree with you, Laura – writing it down and declaring seems to be a powerful start to moving toward our goals. You are charged up and headed toward success! And I love that you have number 8 in there – definitely need to be kind to yourself as you head down your successful path!

  2. Great post, Shel! Love your encouragement and humor. I agree that although the past year had its challenges, there were good things to be had if we were open to them. In the past year I learned a lot about being flexible and about the enjoyment of birdwatching. 😊

  3. Birdwatching?!?? I feel so out of touch! Here’s to 2021, continued growth, and more writer-buddy interaction – Happy New Year! 🙂

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