What I Learned From New Year’s Resolutions Past

What I Learned From New Year's Resolutions Past

If I were to make a list of New Year’s Resolutions – which I will not – I can tell you exactly what would be on it. How do I know? Because I made that list in 1983. And 1996. And 2005. And several other years that there is just no point mentioning. The same three things top each list. I will lose weight. I will get organized. I will stop procrastinating. And thus, I have learned some absolutes about myself. No matter what my size, I will always feel that I need to lose weight and I missed the opportunity to enjoy that not being true. No matter how many cute colorful baskets I tuck my stuff into, I will not develop the personality of an organized person. And with regard to procrastination? Well, we can talk about that later.

I have learned that no matter how many bite-sized pieces I break down the resolutions to, resolving is just not effective for me. I need something more tangible. Yes, writing things down helps me visualize where I’m going. It’s part of the commitment. But I need a plan of action, a goal, a reward and accountability. I get that the wonderful result is suppose to be it’s own reward. And, of course, it is. But I need to enjoy some aspect of the process, or I won’t stick with it. I want to be one of those damn-the-sacrifice-it’s-worth-the-price kind of people hurtling toward the goal, but over 50 years of living tells me that ain’t happenin’ any time soon! So, with the wisdom and maturity that age brings, I acknowledge I have to bribe myself to get things done. And I’m OK with that.

That’s why I enjoyed the GoalFest – it turned accomplishing things I want to get done into fun. (Don’t forget to let us know how you did on your December goals in the comment section!) As we head into 2015, we want to continue our personal growth (not to be confused with weight gain) and our commitment to be the fiercest versions of ourselves we can possibly be. We not only have a new year, we have new weeks, new days, new minutes to shape as we travel this journey of our personal best.  We’ll get your week started with a thought to spur you on each Motivational Monday, a midweek topical post and a Friday Five to send you into the weekend with a smile on your face. (That is not a New Year’s Resolution, it’s a tentative schedule subject to change as life happens and/or ferocity takes us in a different direction!)  -El

And, on a personal note . . .

We have had a delightful year at FBFGF – thanks to you! As new bloggers, we weren’t sure how things would go, but as we head toward our first anniversary we are smiling broadly at the realization that we have accomplished one of our main goals in starting this blog: connecting with others who also want to celebrate where they are in life, continue to grow and evolve, and have fun doing it. We really appreciate the support, the input, the sharing, the advice, and the humor each of you have contributed – and we hope we’ll see each of you often in 2015.

Over the past year, as we have gotten to know you, we learned that many of you are bloggers, too. We’ve had an opportunity to enjoy your posts, but we’d like to share them more broadly. If you are a regular reader and have your own blog, please let us know about it in the comment section below. Tell us what it’s about and include the URL. In appreciation for your support, we plan to add a “Blog Friends” page here so others can enjoy your posts, too. And, of course, one of us wouldn’t be a true lawyer if we didn’t throw in: We reserve the right to not include on the list blogs that are graphic, racist, or otherwise inconsistent with our values. For instance, don’t expect to see here anything entitled: “Seriously – it’s OK to Eat ’til You Pop.”

We wish each of you a healthy, blessed, and very Happy New Year!

What I Learned From New Year's Resolutions PastMEL



  1. Happy New Year, ladies! I am making a resolution list for the first time, really. As in, a for real one. Posting it tomorrow so I can’t back out ;).

    1. And good resolutions they are, Luanne! We know your Writer Site address, but I’m not sure of the other (is there one more or two?) – could you share them so we can put them on our upcoming “Blog Friends” page?

      1. That is so nice. I have The Family Kalamazoo at http://thefamilykalamazoo.wordpress.com/. It’s about my Michigan, mainly Dutch, family history, genealogy, and local Kalamazoo area historical stuff. My daughter and I have Don’t We Look Alike at http://dontwelookalike.com/ We haven’t posted in 6 months, but there are a lot of good adoption info and stories on there. Many guest bloggers and links to articles.

  2. Happy New Year to you M&El! I have never done NY Resolutions – well not since I was 13 anyway. I had quickly discovered that my resolutions were more along the line of vague or sometimes more focused wishes that depended entirely on a fairy godmother to have them occur. It has to be said that sometimes the fairy godmother did wave her wand about a bit and I got my heart’s desire – but never quite in the form I wanted it 🙂 Now I stick with the retrospective and am always absolutely amazed at what a year accomplishes with absolutely no conscious input or planning on my side. Life is a mystery! And the song [Bryan Adams I believe] ‘Life is a roller coaster, you just gotta ride it’ booms through my head and out my mouth 🙂

    I am hoping you will continue the ‘Goalfest’ challenges throughout this new year – as I am YOUR BIGGEST FAN!! I have just hit three out of three and completed my art room with twelve hours to spare 🙂 I am ready for whatever this year brings – though I inwardly gulp at that sentence in case the powers that be decide to ‘bring it on!’ Please don’t 🙂 [Wrings hands and smiles ingratiatingly towards the ether]………..

    I like your idea of sharing blog addresses. Mine blog is ‘The Contented Crafter’ and contains odds and ends about life, living, striving for contentment, my pets and has the odd bit of creative work thrown in as well, It’s just a little slice of my life I suppose. You get there via paulinekingblog.wordpress.com [I should / might get a proper address one day!]

    Did I wish you Happy New Year? [Scrolls back to top of long comment] Why yes I did! xoxo

    1. We’re good with the fairy godmother giving a helping wand to our 2015 goals, Pauline! We’re going to move from the GoalFest to Motivational Mondays – hopefully to continue the inspiration/motivation to keep moving toward our goals. We’re so glad GoalFest jump-started progress on some of those cool projects that were waiting on you! Thanks so much for sharing this site with others and spurring us on. Looking forward to much more enjoyable interaction in 2015. Happy New Year!

  3. Happy New Years! I do like the part about talking about it later….After all I am very good at procrastinating also….LOL

    1. It’s where I live, Noreen!! I’m still not getting notices on your blog – has something changed? Do I need to sign up again? I’ve missed out on your year-end progress! Is it OK to include your site on our upcoming “Blog Friend”? Happy New Year!

  4. New Year’s resolutions–or resolutions at any other time of the year–have never worked well for me, either. There is only one thing in that list you gave that is truly effective in getting me to do anything: accountability. Accountability as in someone saying, “If you don’t do this, you will not get paid and, therefore, you won’t be able to eat, own a car, a house…” Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened since I retired, so my productivity and goal-attaining has fallen off exponentially since that event occured.
    Congratulations on the anniversary and success of your blog. I very much enjoy it! I blog at “Gems and Gimcracks” at http://www.deedeechumley.com. Thanks for the opportunity to share and Happy New Year!

    1. I’m with you on the accountability motivation, Dee Dee. Or, as I call it, a “drop-dead-deadline.” Not good! Maybe that will miraculously change in 2015 – I’m going to schedule an appointment with Pauline’s magic wand-waving Fairy Godmother!! Looking forward to connecting soon. Meanwhile, Happy New Year! -El

  5. Love you both, MEL! For the record, I’ve been recycling my New Year’s Resolution list for decades, also. Wouldn’t have a clue what to resolve if I ever accomplished the things on it! 😉

    1. I’d offer to trade our recycled NYRs, but I suspect it wouldn’t provide either of us much variety! Looking forward to heading toward our goals together for 2015! -El

  6. It sounds like a great plan for the new year, ladies! I’ve never been one for resolutions. I prefer the one word resolution for the year. Last year, it was commit. Looking back, I think I met the challenges of that one word. I’m scrambling for my word for 2015. I have a couple in mind.
    What is my blog about? Well, for the past year, it’s taken a different direction and it’s been more about connecting and learning more about my frequent visitors. I’ve been blessed with the fabulous friendships that have been formed. I never would have imagined this when I first started blogging in 2012. Happy New Year!

    1. Last year was the first year I chose a word – Intentional – to focus on. Actually, I believe the word was given to me – as was another for this year. It’s amazing how expansive A word can be!! I’m seeing that concept embraced more and more recently. Thanks for sharing your blog info, Jill (not to mention your blog space last year!!) – we’re looking forward to getting a “Blog Friends” page added soon! -El

  7. No resolutions for me either . . . other than to go with the flow, enjoy the journey, and let life unfold. And laugh as often as possible.

  8. Talking about things later, doing things later–“Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow”–I forget who said it, but it was someone wise 🙂
    Only a few resolutions have worked in the past for me, but they had one thing in common: when I had ONLY ONE resolution, I was much more likely to keep it. Two or more, not so much.

    1. It’s easy to get carried away with a list of all the changes we would like to make. My focus this year is more on monthly goals than resolutions. I’m very deadline driven, so having specific time frames with consequences or rewards attached is a more effective approach for me. May we add your blog site to our upcoming “Blog Friends” page? -El

  9. This year my resolution is to learn to live in and enjoy each moment. I still need to lose the weight, get the clutter out of my house, etc… But hopefully I can make even dusting a little more fun if I try (yeah, I know, but then I still absolutely believe in fairy tales).

    God Bless,

    1. Great resolution, Susan – there are too many reminders around us about how short our time can be with loved ones and doing things we want to get done. Weight and clutter might take care of themselves if we get super busy doing those other things! Maybe we can get one of those fairy tale fairy godmothers to give us a hand with our goals! 🙂

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