5 That Annoy Us

5 That Annoy UsWhen I got to wondering about the kind of little annoyances that grate on you, I thought maybe we should ask you about it. Because M and I live in different states, much of our discussions and editorial decisions are handled via email.  I sent her an email suggesting for our Friday Five we ask you that question and put together 5 things that irritate us. I started my list. Before the email had a chance to actually arrive at her computer, I hit number five. So I quickly sent a second email suggesting she do an Annoyances Part II with her picks for a future Friday Five. Then I thought of a sixth one. This may have to be a series. But for today, here’s 5 that really annoy me.

5 That Annoy UsA magazine crossword puzzle that has the solution in the next issue. What?! I need just a little peek to see if my hunch is right for 36 Down. I am not waiting until next week to see if I’m right. And I’m not risking messing up he whole puzzle by guessing. I’m done. I don’t care if you call me a quitter. “Sticks and stones . . . ” and all that.

5 That Annoy UsPublic hand dryers that you have to wave your hands in front of to get them to turn on. The waving often doesn’t work. You have to do hand gymnastics to coax a little hot air out of it. These are generally in the same restrooms that have wave-your-hands-to-get-me-to-spit-out-a-mere-trickle faucets. Said trickle lasts about three seconds. Already soaped up, you’re forced to do another hand dance – only this time the necessary steps seem to have changed. I swear there are hidden cameras in those places for some bored security guard’s perverse amusement.

5 That Annoy UsBoxes of cereal that have a higher percentage of cereal dust than whole pieces. I think with all this ‘truth in labeling’ stuff, the makers should be required to tell us, by weight, how much of the product we can eat and how much of it we’ll have to drink once the milk hits it. Anybody willing to sign my petition?

5 That Annoy UsJigsaw puzzles missing a piece. The one you spent a ridiculous amount of time looking for because of course it’s there – you’re just not seeing it. Which is frustrating. But not as frustrating as seeing the finished product with a hole in it. Sooooooo unsatisfying.

5 That Annoy UsThe word “kiddo.” Usually uttered by some trying-to-be-hep-and-happenin’ person with no kiddos. Like the local TV-weather girl that looks like she herself is about two years out from kiddo status. (Make sure the kiddos grab a jacket today. With all the snow, the kiddos can make some great forts. Lightening storms – keep the kiddos out of the water.) For some reason, the word ‘kiddo’ strikes me as condescending. I get that may not be rational. But just the same, hearing the word ‘kiddos’ has the same back-stiffening effect on me as the proverbial nails on a chalkboard. Kiddos, kiddos, kiddos. I bet the word has started to annoy you, too!

WHEW! I feel better – thanks for letting me have that moment.

So, tell us, what (seemingly) little thing annoys you?

5 That Annoy Us



  1. LOL, so true, just one of mine is; after you have gone to the rest room and you have done your business, you discover there is no toilet tissue left in the holder. I make sure I carry wipes with me now. :o)

    1. Like ‘stupid people’ or ‘STUPID people’? Either way, I suspect you are annoyed on a regular basis! (Good thing you have your in-house buddies to keep you sane!) -El

  2. I agree on the hand dryers too and the piddly faucets you have to wave your hands under that don’t work half the time.

  3. Toilets that flush while you’re still sitting on them. Automatic soap dispensers, I’m sure I could come up with a few more.

  4. I’m with Sally on the self-flushing toilets, especially when they flush BEFORE you lower your tush… One of mine is people who get into 10-items-or-less lines with clearly more than 10 items. Happened to me twice this week. Cashiers cannot say anything (customer service and all that,) and no nice situation is likely to come from me pointing out to said customer the obvious, so I don’t. Now I feel a little better. 😉

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