Friday Five – Little White Lies

Little White Lies It is my habit to rip out magazine pages that have inspiring content. I put these pages into folders labeled things like write, idea, blog, class, recipe – you get the picture. I recently came across a page I had ripped out of Ladies’ Home Journal. Thirty years ago. Apparently intending to send a submission to their “Last Laughs” column in hopes of being one of the witty $25 recipients. Having missed the opportunity to send a submission – by three decades – I was ready to toss it out as part of my de-cluttering effort. (Does one page count as  ‘one item’?) Before sending it off to the landfill, I read through the ‘last laughs’ from people who actually sent them in. That’s where I saw this timeless list of Little White Lies:

1. “You haven’t changed a bit.”One size fits all

2. “You may experience some mild discomfort.”

3. “I’m sure it won’t stain.”

4. “You carry it well.”

5. “One size fits all.”

Clearly my habit of ripping out inspiring magazine pages is not the only thing that hasn’t changed in 30 years!  – El


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  1. Love it. Spent car hours on recent road trip ripping out pages of magazines (which I then left in motel room) that had things I wanted to keep or make note of. This morning I logged keepers (mostly recipes) in Evernote or phone (shopping lists) and put the pages in recycle. Then I stopped to check FB (time suck!) and read your blog. 😀 Life is good.

    And yes, one item counts.

    1. So glad to hear one page counts – I think I can get to my yearly total by going through another file or two!! Still need to start using Evernote – I heard it’s also great for organizing research for writing projects.

  2. I’m a big ripper too! I don’t think I have anything dating back 30 years though. It’s nice to know, some things never change.

    1. I didn’t realize I had anything that old either – and I’m still not sure how it landed on my office desk last week. It survived 3 relocations! What do you do with what you rip out – file or transfer info somewhere to save?

      1. You know, this post along with your comment is making me think twice about what I rip out of magazines, etc. I normally place the article into a folder and I may never refer to it folder for years…if ever.
        Oh, I could write a post on the number of writing articles I’ve printed off the internet…I need to clear the paper clutter, that’s for sure.

    1. COL (chuckle out loud) Can’t believe it moved with me from Michigan to Oklahoma and from city to city! AND I don’t know how it landed on my desk out of the blue – but I’m going to look for the folder it fell out of to see if there’s any more blog fodder!

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