Polka Dots – the New Black

At our age we generally don’t want to hear that we’re getting dotty. However, we’re willing to make an exception for polka dots. They make us smile. And a smile is exercise. For your face, your mind, and for your spirit. But be careful – not all dots are created equal. Here’s 10 ways we like them, 4 ways we don’t, and THE reason we wear them!

Here’s some good dots:

1. The polka dot dress. It says: “Spring is here and summer’s on its way!” Can’t you just hear it swish??

Polka dot dress

2. Utensils.  Have you ever before seen such happy spoons? They look like they go with ice cream – even vegetable ice cream might be fun to eat with these!

Polka dot happy spoons

3. The umbrella. It looks like sunshine blocking out the rain!

Polka dot umbrella

4. Boots. And speaking of rain . . . these make me look forward to it!

Polka dot bootspolka dot boots









5. Shoes. But even if it’s not raining, we’ve got your feet covered no matter what the occasion!

 polka dot tennis shoepolka dot shoes polka dot shoes casual







6. Rubber ducks. Make a great gift. I don’t have any kids, but it just so happens my pool will be three years old next month – perfect!

 polka dot rubber duckys

7. The new lunchbag. It’s insulated. Who knew that ‘brown-bagging’ it could be so chic?  polka dot lunch tote

8. The watch. A reminder of how dots can lead to having some good times!

polka dot watch

9. The wall. While four walls might be a bit much, wouldn’t having one wall like this in a room make you smile?

polka dot wall

10. Not for sale. And for our new grandmothers, can I get an “awwwwwww”??

 polka dot baby


But remember, just because it’s polka dots, doesn’t mean it works. Here’s 4 to pass on. (As in saying “Pass!” as opposed to actually passing on to someone.)

1. The clown look.

polka dot not to wearpolka dot not to wear1









2. The picture is cute. The reality of wearing them in public if you’re no longer a teenager? Not so much.

polka dot stockings

3. Don’t wear this unless you’re twelve. And even then it’s probably not a good idea unless it’s Halloween.

Ugly polka dots

4. It’s ugly. Just a personal opinion.

Polka dots - the new black

Polka dots - the new black

Polka dots - the new black


  1. Oy. Not the new black for me. I get dizzy too easily. My new black is black with a little piece of Victorian jewelry ;).

      1. No, but I did get a piece for the first time (except for the one I was given as a teen that belonged to my great grandmother that I lost–and her Eastern STar ring that broke).

  2. Fun read! Wonderful pics! I love to read something like this often, It sure beats all the death, destruction and high stress that abounds.

    1. I’m so glad you found us and we could put a smile on your face, Diane! I hope you do join us often – please sign up for the free email notices so you won’t miss any of it! -El

  3. I love polka dots and love that they seem to be in right now. I found a super cute polka dot cardigan the other day but sadly it was only in extra small, which will never be my size ha.

    1. Now that you mention it, one doesn’t see a lot of polka-dotted sweaters. I have a polka-dot Pinterest Board and I don’t think there’s a sweater to be had on it. Now I’m on a mission! And I hope I find something bigger than extra small because that’s not (ever) going to work for me either, Lisa! -El

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