Motivational Monday #20

I was sitting on my patio one sunny evening, contemplating whether or not to make a particular change in my life. As I mentally sifted through the pros and cons of leaving my comfort zone and taking on something new, the sun’s heat became so intense I decided to move to the shade of the front porch. I was once again comfortable in the cooler temperature. Then I saw the swarm of mosquitoes, drawn by the moisture of the porch plants, and it hit me:

Motivational Monday #20


      1. Better late than never. 🙂
        Well, I don’t know about “official” but it’s been a terrific opportunity that I can’t let pass without giving it my best.

          1. I knew it was July – I don’t mean to rush you! Hope I don’t seem too eager for you to join the ranks!! I do love company, but there’s no misery involved!!

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