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Confessional Monday – Armed and Dangerous

We’re finally getting some warmer weather here and as I search in vain for something lighter weight to wear, I am continually dismayed by the lack of clothing that I can wear that works with my upper arms!!!  I have to confess, I have fat, old lady arms that are nowhere near being ready for spring and summer outings! This isn’t really much of a confession as anyone who may have ever caught me in anything less than a 3/4 length sleeve would notice immediately!  It is more and more difficult to find something that will cover the upper arms and still allow me to be cool. You know how we-of-a-certain-age can have a tendency to be a bit ‘hot’ at times.

Hot Flashes Capture
As tough as it can be to hear your mother’s phrases come out of your mouth – that’s nothing like seeing your grandmothers’ arms sprouting from your own shoulders! Yikes!!!

blog2 fat arms

Anyway, I knew somewhere in the stack of articles that I’ve been accumulating I had something that was specifically targeted for arms. After a great deal of sorting (and the distraction of finding several other great articles), I found the one I was looking for. It is only 15 minutes and PROMISES to have my arms in great shape for the summer.  It’s possible that promise was intended for someone whose arms aren’t starting out in quite as bad of shape as mine – but heh, a promise is a promise and I plan on putting it to the test.

From the Editors of Women’s Health – 15 Minute Armed for Summer Workout

We all can find 15 minutes two or four times a week if it means we can enjoy the warmer weather without having to hide under longer than necessary sleeves! That is some fierce motivation for me!

– M


  1. Laughing out loud @ pictures & captions. . . just might be time for an arm tattoo! Lol



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