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First Time Thrill – Contact High

FirstsI remember my first time –  so clearly. I was 17, about to turn 18 so excited and in love with the adventure of it all. I was being transported to a different place. I felt so grown up and sophisticated!

Sorry friends, no truly juicy details forthcoming – I am referring to my first time……………………flying! I was on my way to Paris for a week on a high school trip with the French class from the school in which my Uncle was Principal. It really was so thrilling, everything about it. I can remember to this day the ‘immense-ness’ of the plane, the excitement of traveling, the disappointment in the meal, the feeling of being so brave! I just returned from taking my granddaughter on her first plane ride and I was transported once again.

P1000312The plane was jam-packed – not an open seat to be had. A group of students from China took up most of the back half of the plane, there were screaming kids all around – we were sardines in a flying tin can. However, the excitement of watching my granddaughter experience it all only made all of it part of the adventure.

When was the last time you celebrated a plastic cup of soda, poured from a can that you didn’t even get the rest of, accompanied by a miniature stale bag of pretzels!!?! She made everything a joyous occasion with her wonderment at being on a plane and flying so high above the clouds AND getting served by a stewardess! She was Queen for a day (well an hour and five minutes anyway)!!!

P1000309The lesson I took from this was that even at our age, there are many ‘firsts’ still out there if we are open to them. We get so used to doing things and going places and accomplishing tasks that we forget how many exciting and phenomenal things happen everyday. I want to keep that perspective with me as I go through each day. I don’t want to take for granted being able to fly across the country to visit family or see sites that may be new or renewed in my eyes. I want to greet people with the anticipation of what they are going to teach me that day. I want to be amazed in the same way younger people are when confronted with experiences they have the option to embrace or turn away from.

 What do you see when you gaze out at your world?

If you look with wonder, it’s a whole new landscape!  -M

Cloud landscape


  1. I really enjoyed your blog today, which I also shared on my facebook. After reading it I began to think about what I really see when I gaze out at my world. Thanks again for a great article.

    1. You are so welcome Jonette. I am thrilled that you enjoyed it and hope that maybe something you see this week will be a little more exciting than it may have been in the past. To use one of my favorite new words – time for some ‘perspectacle’ gazing 🙂 – M

  2. Great post! I think one reason children are so special to us is that they allow us to experience anew the wonder of the world–as if we’re seeing its miracles for the first time. So glad you and your granddaughter were able to share one of her “firsts.”

  3. What a joy we experience when we share these moments with our grandchildren, or any of the younger generation. We can relate to them in a way no one else can, and they can feel it. They might not realize it at the moment, but they will remember it just as you have today. :o) Great post.

    1. Thank you Patricia. Joyous it really was (and is) and everything that day seemed ‘WAY Cool-er’. I want all my days to be cooler so am hoping to retain some of that fresh eyes perspective as long as possible 🙂 -M

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