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Friday Five: Did You Know – II

December Did You Know

Once again, we thought we’d share a few random ‘did you know’ facts. Technically these are not holiday facts, however, they could be great conversation starters for any of those holiday get togethers! Enjoy and share your knowledge!



1) Green Eggs and Ham was written sort- of on a dare. Dr. Suess’ publisher said there was no way to write a complete book with only 50 words. Pretty FIERCE response to a dare I’d say!

2) There are more vacant homes in the US than there are homeless. Seems like a natural solution here doesn’t it?

3) Until 2011, beer in Russia was considered a soft drink – not alcohol. I’ll bet reclassifying makes it a lot more attractive to the younger crowd now.

4) When Twister was first introduced it was denounced as ‘sex in a box’. Again, must have made it wildly attractive to the younger crowd. All about marketing!

5) The 1904 Olympics (St. Louis) included events like greased pole climbing, rock throwing and mud fighting. To be fair, these events were not considered part of the ‘Official’ Olympic games. There were plenty of other questionable events that took place during those Olympics, (which ran in tandem with the World’s Fair) which have tarnished that Olympics legacy. Must have been pretty amusing to watch the greased pole climbing though – just saying.


6) A full grown Hippopotamus can open its mouth wide enough to fit a 4′ child. Pretty amazing – and another really good reason to make sure no child is getting too close to the Hippos at the zoo!

Always fun to throw around a fact or two while mingling! Have a great weekend!  -M

Frosty Picking His Nose


    1. Oh Tess – thank you so much. We LOVE that you have enjoyed your visits here – wish it didn’t have to be so virtual. We think it would be great to hang out with everyone in person!!! Wishing you a wonderfully merry Christmas as well and all the best in the New Year! -M

  1. I did not know any of those six facts! Once again I leave this blog better educated and more able to hold my own at a large table of witty and urbane folk – should such a gathering ever occur 🙂 From my place to yours – all the blessings of the season, happy holidays and wishes for a wonderful and exciting New Year!

    Woof, purr and xoxo

    1. Thank you Pauline! I think you would probably hold your own in any gathering regardless of our input. We do however, LOVE that you enjoy stopping by and like I mentioned to Tess – wouldn’t it be fun to hang out in person!

      We humbly accept your holiday blessings and send ours back to you! -M

  2. I knew about #1 and #4 . . . and #6 came as no surprise since I’ve seen hippos open their jaws wide wide wider.

    #2, #3, and #5 are great tidbits to share over the Cheese board.

    Hope your days are MERRY and BRIGHT and filled with all manner of DELIGHT.

  3. As someone whose brain hangs onto all manner of useless trivia, I thankyou both 🙂 Have an excellent Christmas and New Year x

  4. TWISTER was actually a shower gift to my nephew and his wife, and “Sex In A Box — to be enjoyed with abandon!” was written on the card. We all laughed because the gift was from the future bride’s chiropractor! 😉

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