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Make Me Laugh!


It’s Friday!!! Best way to celebrate is with some humor! (Maybe we should change this to Monday Morning Mood Makers!!). Any who – enjoy the following Friday Funnies – in no particular order.

  • In honor of our weight loss journey

Zero to Eight

  • Just because it made me laugh


  • Because I recently had to show my granddaughter how to play solitaire after she lost electronic privileges.


  • Because it reminded me of some of the ‘hearing (loss)’ funnies shared at our house lately.

Recipe Error

Birthday Suit

We feel you are now sufficiently (and possibly inappropriately) armed and dangerous and ready to enjoy the weekend (like that never happens!).


  1. Uhm, could I get the address for the alteration shop?????

  2. Still laughing, mainly because I can relate to each one of them, and second because they say the more you laugh the more weight you lose, :o))))))))))) Thanks.

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