The Fat-Bottom Launch

Welcome to Fat-Bottom-Fifties Get Fierce

Thanks for showing up for our blog launch! We’re Mel. You’ve heard of Brangelina? Bennifer? Kimye? Since we’re another great couple – best buds from way (OK, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay) back, we’ve adopted the joined name thing to simplify. M and El – get it? Mel! So easy.

We’re counting on you to help us evolve. Our whole point in showing up here is to give us a venue to chat about our concerns, share info, motivate each other, inspire each other, support each other and to be accountable for the life- style changes we say we want to make.

We’re not sure what our long-term format is yet. The general plan is to check in 2-3 times per week to cover any of the goals set forth above. To share ideas, opinions, recipes, information, and – on occasion – to just vent (we’ll try not to overdo that, but no promises!).

Check back on Friday for our first ‘Friday Five’ – an assortment of five brief points. Sometimes they will be random points, sometimes they will be connected. But they will always either be interesting, educational, motivational, entertaining or a combo of all!

Until then, we leave you with this original truism:

You know you’re over 50 when: you injure yourself putting on make-up. Eyeliner and mascara become vicious weapons in the hands of those with blurred vision who have to take their glasses off to apply them.

Please leave a comment in the comment section below to let us know what topics you’d like to see covered, just to say hello, or to prove that the comment section is really working – all will be appreciated!


  1. I nearly blinded myself once this week already… Lol…cannot see without glasses, cannot apply makeup with them on. Gggrrr – evil mascara

  2. This is going to be so much fun. I can already relate. Looking forward to more.

  3. Carolyn
    Yes this will be fun. I noticed that I now put on makeup that reminds me of Tammy Faye. Hey, I put it on like I did when I was twenty but the wrinkles distort it!!!!

  4. I hope the ideas & laughs help us in our saggy-sexy-sixties too!!

  5. Hard to believe I fit in this category but I do! 10 years of being overweight and the only person to do anything about it is me. Let’s Go!

  6. I hope you have all seen the recent news reports that a larger bottom may be equated with higher intelligence. I am bordering on brilliant!

    1. That explains our genius, too! Speaking for myself (El) I am willing to settle for extremely smart by losing a little tush! Hope you sign up for the mail, Sheri and that we see you often – with more great new reports!

  7. Oh my gosh, I just scratched my eye trying to separate my eyelashes after putting on mascara. Dangerous, I know, but I use one of those tools that dentists use to clean plague from your teeth. I’ve always managed it fine until now. Might be time to just deal with clumpy lashes. Thanks for getting us together.

  8. Ack! I hit subscribe before putting in my e-mail address. Thanks for the invite! I’ve got a little over a year before I hit 50, but I’m already poking my eyes out when apply mascara.
    I’d love your opinion on the “brain fog” that moves in periodically and the fact that I work out on my treadmill until my toe nails fall off (for real), but my body stays the same.

  9. Passed 50 some time ago but looking forward to the blog. Maybe I can learn something at this LATE date.

  10. Brain fog otherwise know as CRS disease. Woman over age 50 with two teenagers, 1 husband, and a full time job often wake up with the disease aggressively ravaging their brain. . No amount of liquor or coffee can get rid of it. You must slow down, take up yoga or meditation and get rid of the husband, kids or the job.

    I getting rid of the job.

    Thanks Natine for sending me this link. I so fit in here.

  11. I thought of Philippians 3:13. Forget what lies “behind”, reach forward to what lies ahead. I have enough baggage to hold me down. Fat Bottoms Fifites reminds me to forget the “behind” and get going. Life is too short to focus on the past. I’m looking forward to this blog.

  12. Oops………..fifties……..I do know how to spell.

    1. I thought for a minute there Fifites was something biblical – a group that Moses knew or something. Glad I saw your next note before I started searching fruitlessly! Glad you’re here. Laura! – EL

  13. i’m in that “saggy sixties” with Tricia, but I think this will be a helpful & fun blog.
    Can’t put makeup on without my 10X mag. mirror & have to be careful so I don’t
    end up with the “Tammy Faye” look Carolyn speaks of….

          1. Oops! I should proof read next time…..I meant Shel, not El, but I guess you knew that…

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