About Fat-Bottom-Fifties (and Why We're Getting Fierce!)

Fat-Bottom Fifties Get Fierce began when Shel and her BFF decided to celebrate being over 50 by getting even fiercer. Less stress, more sass, with healthy doses of coffee and humor thrown in the mix!

Soon Shel began meeting other 50-plus’ers who wanted to get fierce, too … and a movement was born.

Of course, you don’t have to have a fat-bottom or be over 50 to join the celebration! The mission here is to celebrate each of us being (or heading toward) our best self on this incredible life journey. 

Fat Bottom Fifties Get Fierce!
Shel Harrington

Shel Wants You to Get Fierce, Too!

Hi, friends! Thanks for stopping by for some chat and chuckles. I’m so glad you’re here – and hope to see you often!   -Shel


Humorist and best-selling author, Shel Harrington lives in Oklahoma on the “Dragonroost” with her husband Steve.