Hi - I'm M!

Hi – I’m M!

My husband told me the other day that I was turning 55 this year. He didn’t mean anything by it, he is not an ungracious man. He himself is turning 55 this year (several months before me). He loves me whether I am 35, 50, 72 or 99. It made me realize that I don’t have long before the successfully svelte sixties are upon me!

I am mother to four wonderfully funny, intelligent, gorgeous girls, grandmother to two of the best grandchildren in the world, stepmother to three very handsome boys and wife to a wonderful man who loves me as I am. I am fierce about family and dear friends and spending time with all of them.

I have tried just about every diet out there and have had success with all of them. My problem is keeping the weight off. I always lapse right back into my ‘feel good’ way of eating and not exercising, which really is not so ‘feel good’ in the long run.

Throwing fear of embarrassment to the wind and getting fierce about attaining the goals of my fifties (fitness being one of them), I will let you know my most recent motivating factor. I broke the toilet seat! I know you are probably asking yourself ‘Just how fat of a bottom does this lady have?’. I will leave the answer to your imagination. That wonderful man I married assured me it was a defective seat (he is so easy to love)! However, the fact remains that my fat bottom was the ‘straw’ that broke the toilet’s seat. If that is not a wake-up call to get Fierce I am not sure what it!

I hope this blog will keep me motivated and accountable and that we can have some fun with our fierce-selves. I am no expert at this but if I have learned anything these past 54 years it’s that everything is easier when you don’t do it alone.

     And I'm El!

And I’m El!

I am a life-time member of Weight Watchers. I’m pretty sure if I contact them, they will pay me to agree not to put myself out there as a spokesperson on their behalf. I am just not one of their Success stories. One can’t expect to have long-term success when they get an ice cream cone after the meeting, using the ‘logic’ that it is 7 days until the next weigh-in – plenty of time to atone for the sin. I wish I had remembered to take off my Weight Watcher name tag before entering the ice cream store.

My New Year’s Resolutions have looked the same for 30 years: I will lose weight, I will stop procrastinating, I will get more organized. Then I usually add one or two that are actually attainable (i.e. I will read more fiction, I will switch from ice cream to gelato, etc.) In the past year I had a total knee replacement, was diagnosed with breast cancer, had more surgery and radiation treatments, lost a close family member, and had a second total knee replacement – and for most of that time I continued a regular work schedule in a high stress (family law attorney) job. During one of the most challenging years of my life, there was an abundance of blessings, lessons, and growth opportunities. One of the major lessons learned was that I have to start doing something different. I have to prioritize living in a healthy manner – physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

I love where I am in life. I’ve been married to a very special man for 36 years. I have dear friends, supportive family members, and employment that I enjoy very much. But I could do this so much better if got healthier. Notice I didn’t say ‘if I lost weight’ or ‘could stick to a diet?’ Sure, losing weight is a goal – but it will result from the overall changes I want to make in order to live a better life, be a better wife, friend, family member and attorney.

These are topics that M and I have talked about for years. We’re done just talking. We’re ready for ‘doing.’ And writing. And having fun doing both. We are all experts on what we do that’s not working and finding ways to do things better – so it’s our hope that this blog will turn into a community where we all connect and share the good, the bad, the ugly, and the fixes. And you don’t have to be fifty or fat-bottomed to join us – you just have to be up for celebrating wherever you are in life and some discussion about how we can do things better. While having fun doing it!


  1. I just joined to follow your blog. Both of you are very funny. I found you through a discussion thread on Linked In.

    I’m 64 this year and don’t have a fat bottom and probably do wear things I shouldn’t wear at my age, but there are just some things I can’t part with or stop doing. Thankfully, I still look fairly decent physically due to excercise I make myself do daily. One day that may not be the case because time marches on for all of us.

    I’m following because you make me laugh and laughter is good medicine at any age.



    1. Hi Sunni – it’s so nice to meet you! Glad you found us here and I appreciate you letting us know how you found us. So daily exercise really does keep the fat bottom thing at bay? I may just have to break down and try it! I’m glad we can make you laugh. I can tell you that a visit to your blog with all those beautiful cats put a smile on MY face! Hope we hear from you often! -El

  2. I’ve signed up too! 🙂 I quit sugar 18 months ago and all my ailments – and there was a long list of quite major ones – have disappeared. Weight has also disappeared – and I had a major bottom issue too – without me even trying. Next I got a puppy which has solved all issues of not wanting to go for walks by myself 🙂 I still have a way to go but feel I am really doing quite well. Following along here will, I am sure, help keep me motivated! Thanks for introducing me to this blog Shel!

    1. Welcome home, Pauline! Your experience is very motivating – I have done more thinking about losing the sugar than actually reducing it. But you have given me a lot of reasons to turn less chat into less fat! Wednesday’s article is actually titled “10 Things to Do With the Sugar We’ve Stopped Eating” – how timely is that?? -El

  3. What a fabulous ‘about page’. I just turned 55 last week. Sugar is my nemesis and I’m working hard to kick it to the curb once and for all. You’re bios are fun, funny and inspiring. I look forward to following along.

  4. Pauline told me about you+ now I can see why she loves you:-) I turned 56 this year…a little ahead of you on the road to 60! I do bike along the Mississippi but during the colder months, I tend to sit on my fat bottom more-lol! I started growing my own food on my city lot to eat fresh healthy food! This looks like a fun blog + you all look like fun people to hang around + be inspired:-) shoot, it is nice to talk to people that know about the other side of 50!

    1. So glad you found us, Robbie (thanks, Pauline!) – you were clearly one of us before you knew us existed! We’re looking forward to hanging out with you AND to getting your tips on healthy produce and how to make it happen in limited spaces!

  5. I’m afraid I chuckled my way through a fair amount of that, recalling my grandmother… a gorgeous lady as wide as she was tall, and with an even wider grin, eating a whole cream cake… then eating a pack of crispbread because they were ‘slimming food’ 🙂

  6. Found you through Reflections and I am on board. I am about to turn fifty and need a wake up call health wise. Would love to follow you and see how it goes, with you as well as me 🙂 Happy blogging and getting healthier, Cheryl

    1. Glad you found us, Cheryl! Our mission is to embrace where we are in life and have healthier attitudes about mind, body and spirit – and incorporating humor whenever possible! After visiting your blog, I know our humor won’t scare you off!

  7. I am turning 50 next month and I am a fat-bottom too! Although I have not tried to lose weight on a serious basis, I have cut back from time-to-time. I like what I have seen on your blog so far and want to join in. I need and want more than what I have in my life right now. Being happy is essential and although, I am an optimist, I find myself having trouble staying optimistic. I have some goals I want to attain and need some support from others who are not family or friends. Unbiased and honest opinions from people who are not vested in me.

  8. I’m 50 years old, and pinched my butt on the failing toilet seat this morning. I identify with this blog, and refuse to consider myself doomed to eternal morbid obesity. I may be half a century old, but I know that I am one hot, silver-haired nana! I’m all in!

  9. Recently divorced after 28 years. Yep as the kids say, “that sucks for you.” I turned 56 in August, got divorce papers handed to me on my 28th wedding aniversary. I’m one of those gal who always gain in my belly and have no butt. I told one of my grown daughters it was because it was chew off. She took offense. I told her it was years before she was born. Meanwhile, it is Dec 31st and my goal for 2016 is to laugh hard, love tighter and be a kid again. That last part is easy, I work at a school 9 hours a day. (Two jobs, one location) Happy New Year…I’m subscribing.

    1. We’re glad you found us, Deena! We’re so sorry you’ve had such a tough go of things – you’ve really had to deal with some incredibly difficult stuff! We love the goals you have set for 2016 and are delighted that you will be surrounded with great how-to-be-a-kid-again role models!! Wishing you much love, laughter and happiness in 2016!

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