Celebrating National Book Lover’s Day!

Celebrating National Book Lover's Day

A National Book Lover’s Day? How come we’re just finding out about this? Even though I wasn’t able to find the origin of this very cool holiday, there was plenty of verification of its existence. So for our Friday Five, as two book-loving-fools, we thought we’d give you five smiles about books. When we realized we had some making up to do for all those missed National Book Lover’s Day celebrations, we decided to double that!


1. What is wrong with people??


National Book Day


2. The worst thing about (good) books is that they end.

National Book Lover's Day

3. I’m sure this is just an observation as opposed to sarcasm.

National Book Lover's Day

4. Books transport without transportation.

National Book Lover's Day

5. Computers aren’t a bad thing, it’s just that . . .


National Book Lover's Day


6. You gotta love a bookkeeper with a sense of humor!


National Book Lover's Day

7. How to let ’em know you’re serious . . .

National Book Lover's Day8. Makes perfect sense to me!

National Book Lover's Day

9. Just call me ‘old-fashioned’!

National Book Lover's Day

10. No matter what the season, you just can’t beat books!

National Book Lover's Day



National Book Lover's Day



  1. My college roommate’s major was library sciences, but her minor degree was in dietary studies. She said that books were an essential food group, rich with special vitamins and minerals not found in other groups.
    These are great cards and signs…especially the last one.

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