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Don’t Take Getting Old Sitting Down – with Gina Barreca

Don't Take Getting Old Sitting Down With Gina Barreca I recently read an article by Gina Barreca about her attitude toward aging – and her enthusiasm for doing so with panache is contagious! Here are 5 standout lines that made me say: I’m with ya sistah!
1.  I’ve lived my life with enthusiasm, courage, raucousness and passion. Why on earth would I want to grow old gracefully?
2.  I might also start carrying a flask. It might contain gin; it might contain Ensure. What it contains is beside the point: What matters is that I will be able to whip out a flask.
3. After a certain age, you finally become the indisputable authority on the subject of yourself.
 4. It’s absurd to think that [when you’re old] you’re then supposed to spend all your time sitting quietly while people tell you dull stories about their kids (whom you don’t know), their dogs (who have a limited range of talents, although often cuter and less self-involved than their kids) or their gall bladder surgery (more engaging than either offspring or pets).
5. Rather than grow old gracefully, I want to grow old gaudily.
For more of Gina’s sass, read the rest of the article: Gina Barreca – I Won’t Take Getting Old Sitting Down.
And if you’re wondering what she thinks about bathing suits, I’ll let her tell you herself!


  1. I love it! I really like the part about the flask… Mine would probably be ensure also, but who knows?! LOL

    1. Very good Shel, I can relate to her since for years I have been telling people that I am getting old and senile. My beautiful wife however has corrected me telling me that I have always been senile and that it’s to late on the getting older part. LAUGH OUT LOUD!!!


      1. DEAN! A comment?? You know you absolutely made my day, right? I started to stick up for you on the old and senile bit, but then I remembered Tresa knows you better than I do – thus, I must defer to her judgement! -El

  2. I’m liking the flask idea too…Also had to laugh right aloud when video got to the punch line. Funny.

  3. This is great, Shel. I was out with high school friends recently and we were talking about how none of us wore a lot of jewelry, but now we’re getting an urge to jingle … you know, where lots and lots of gaudy bracelets and make noise. What’s that about? A flask of Ensure – be careful about drinking and driving. 🙂

    1. I know what you mean – none of that tasteful elegant stuff. More like stuff that lets ’em know we’re coming and we mean business. Funny business, sure – but it’s still business. Our new, colorful business! If I have a flask you can be pretty sure it would have something other than Ensure and somebody else would be doing the driving. My colorful, jingling self would be sitting merrily in the passenger seat!

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