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November GoalFest!

GoalFest NovemberI have never met Alison Sweeney. I don’t even know anybody that knows her. I have no reason to think she is anything other than a wonderful person. So it is irrational for me to be so annoyed by her ubiquitous presence.  I read numerous magazines each month to generate writing ideas (which, of course, makes the subscriptions tax deductible!) and I swear she’s in every one. And not just a headshot or a quote from her – like four and five-page spreads! I’ve never watched either of her shows, but I know she has two and that she’s leaving one after twenty-one years because every magazine I read says so. If she were a song, she’d be an endless loop of It’s a Small World After All.

So recently, as I tried to flip through yet another spread on her (with no end in sight), the letters BFF jumped out at me. INovember GoalFest had to stop and roll my eyes at her use of the junior high cliche. But she was using it to abbreviate Best Fitness Friend. Oh. Hmmm. I had to admit that was a usable concept.

We are often able to accomplish more of our fitness goals if we have a buddy going through the paces with us, cheering us on, and holding us accountable. (Sorry for prematurely judging you, Alison.) So let’s extend this concept just a bit further for GoalFest – because not all our goals are fitness -related. How about BGF for Best Goal Friend (which sounds better abbreviated!)? I was lucky enough to have one for the October goal and, even though we were on different continents and our goals were totally unrelated, it was fun to stay in touch, root each other on, and offer sympathy and even suggestions for some of our challenges. I highly recommend it! And for those of you who are internally motivated, self-disciplined and don’t need the support of a BGF to obtain your goal, you are probably just the person to be a great BGF to someone who could use one!

So let’s talk goals! We’ll go first:

Getting Fierce Goalfest!My October goal was to get the old bicycle out, find a place to get it serviced, get it overhauled, and ride 20 miles. I achieved about 75% of that and learned some valuable lessons. I was able to locate a reputable place about a half-hour away, made the bike appointment, took it in, picked it up the following week. And then I rode less than 20 miles. I will never again use the expression “it’s just like riding a bike” when referring to something that’s easy to pick back up after a long time. I knew I had shrunk about an inch in height over the past few years, but I assumed it was in my back, not the length of my legs. But they clearly got shorter because I can only touch my feet flat by actually resting on the crossbar (I had to be cool and get a guy’s bike years ago) when standing. Being past childbearing years (assuming God doesn’t decide to prank me!) I am not as concerned about that status as I might have been a few years back. What I didn’t expect was the exertion involved in riding (after all, I had used stationary bikes through months of physical therapy after knee replacements) and total jelly legs after a mere 15 minutes of riding! I plan to stick with it, though. And I’m proud to say that my BGF, Pauline King, hit 100% on her goal – completing a painting she had started some time back. If any of you read her blog post on wanting to cultivate the magic in her life, you’ll see she accomplished some of that in her finished work of art!

The Wonderland of Alys by Pauline King
The Wonderland of Alys by Pauline King

NOVEMBER GOAL: This may sound odd to you, but I am committing to not sitting consecutive hours without getting up and standing/walking for a few minutes every 30-40 minutes. I’ve seen almost as many articles on the danger of sitting too much as I’ve seen about Alison Sweeney. Doing so makes one much more vulnerable to stroke and heart attack. Between sitting in the office, sitting in court, sitting in the car for long commutes and (for a change of pace) sitting and watching TV in the evening, I need to be deliberate about moving more. Studies have shown that even daily exercise does not counteract the effect of serial sitting. I want to cultivate the habit of regularly getting up and moving throughout the day, and being intentional about it for a month should help me accomplish that.


Getting Fierce GOALFEST!My October goal was to organize one of my piles of torn out magazine articles/recipes/decorating tips and to finish an afghan I started for my daughter YEARS ago. I am pleased to report that I did indeed organize one of my piles and even started on a second. I loved re-finding all those articles I squirreled away and have actually used two of the recipes.  1 point!!! On the afghan, it is a 25 square piece finished by joining all the knitted squares via crocheting. I found 18 finished squares, completed two more, but sadly, am still in need of more time to complete.  -1 point!!! I guess that leaves me at zero. The afghan is now definitely on my radar and my new goal for the afghan is to finish in time to included with my daughter’s Christmas items.

NOVEMBER GOAL: This month, I would like to complete organizing my other pile of articles/recipes/decorating tips. It really was great to have them all in one container that allowed me to search and retrieve them sooooo easily. For the second goal, I have committed to 5 days a week of 3.5 miles walking each day. To help me stick with it, I can only read, knit, watch TV for 1.5 times the amount of hours that I have moved. Right now 3.5 miles takes me about an hour and 15 minutes. So I am allowing myself not quite 2 hours in the evening for my sedentary activities. I like the idea of having to earn my AIS time (a@! in seat time). If I combine knitting with watching a favorite show, I will feel even better – efficient at using my earned ‘down time’ :)!!


 Now, about your goals:

FIRST: If you set an October goal, how did you do? Please let us know in the comment section if you are still in the process of obtaining your goal, if you have achieved it, and what you learned along the way.

SECOND: Declare your November goal! You know putting it in writing makes it much more likely you will follow through! Tell us what you have planned!

THIRD: Check out the Wailani site so you can be thinking about what flavor body scrub you’ll pick if you win the random drawing out of those who accomplished their October goals! The winner won’t be drawn until Friday to give everybody a chance to get their comments in.

Click picture to check out Wailani's Body Scrub flavors!
Click picture to check out Wailani’s Body Scrub flavors!

FOURTH: Check in on Friday to see if you won!



  1. Be so glad that I, for one, have never even heard of Alison Sweeney.
    Hmm, my goal planning never even got off the ground so for you to have accomplished 75% with your bicycle sounds pretty good to me. As I write this I am sitting slumped (bad posture) at my laptop thinking I really should set myself a goal. Does that count as one? If I think of something?
    How about making a start on the Christmas shopping and whittling down the list of people I send cards to … hmm…

    1. So, “Making a game plan to make the Christmas holiday less stressful this year.” Did I hear that right, Jenny? (picture smiley face here*) So doable! And I was OK with “only” 75% completion, because it moved me in the direction I want to be moving in. I was NOT OK with tired-tush and legs that wobbled more than jello shots after mere minutes! Back on the positive side, it was wonderful to be reintroduced to the forgotten sheer delight of “flying” downhill at such speed!

      *I can’t remember how to do that smiley face thing – thought I had it figured out, but guess not!

  2. I’m with Jenny . . . Alison Who?

    Congrats on working towards your goals. Biking gets easier . . . with practice. Keep pedaling!

    1. Thanks, Nancy! I already notice a difference in the lessening of the fatigue-factor. However, my ischials tuberosities (as Pauline has referred to them) are still quite disgruntled!

  3. I’m entered in NaNo again for November (National Novel Writing Month), so I’ll be writing 50,000 words towards my next novel. That’s only 1667 words a day (or approx 7 pages a day everyday to complete by Nov 30). That’s enough with day-to-day life and activities. Is anyone else here doing NaNo this year?


    1. I again thought about doing it this year , Sunni- which is great progress from my “NaNo WHAT?” days and the later “No Way” phase! My hat’s off to anybody who gets it done. That’s a great goal – we’ll be rooting for you! -El

  4. I’m with Jenny and Nancy…I thought she was one of the Brady Bunch girls.
    As far as my goal, I did make it to 5.0 mph on my treadmill, but I recently had to drop back to 4.6 when an old shin splint injury reared its ugly head.
    One of my goals for November is to finalize a piece for a writing contest. By the way, I love Pauline, she’s so talented!

    1. Alison could definitely pass for a Brady girl daughter!

      Congrats on making your goal, Jill! Even with the drop-back you’re still beyond what you started out the month with – it sounds like you have found the best speed fit to be your most productive.

      Yah, Pauline is definitely a gem. Thanks to you and your Summer Spotlight, I not only have a new blogging buddy I have a BGF! Now I’m not going to say “Good Luck” on your November goal – I’m simply going to say: “Good Decision!!” -El

  5. I am most pleased, proud and happy to say I completed my goal. I am so grateful to FBFGF and especially E for the sterling support. I loved it! And whoop-whoop to you for getting some miles in m’dear!!

    I learned [as you will see when you read my post on this very subject] that having a buddy, or in Goalfest speak a BGF [doesn’t that make us sound like we come from the Bronx 🙂 ] was the best possible impetus for me to pull finger and gedonwithit!

    Now I have to commit to Novembers goal. I am tempted to join in the moving thing – but I walk 30 – 45 minutes every morning with Siddy and don’t want to over-do it 🙂 I do have something called ‘The Dangler of International Happiness’ laying about my work tables which needs completing. It is a pot-pourri of items with holes in from all over the world, sent by my blogging friends. that are to be made up into an artistic sort of mobile. It was the brain child of the lovely Fran at ‘The Road to Serendipity’ some months ago. It is severely challenging me! 🙂

    Therefore my November goal is – Create a dazzling dangler!!

    1. Congratulations again, Pauline, on the completion of Alys! I was especially impressed that you actually got it in the mail already to its recipient – that’s bonus points! I enjoyed and appreciated having BGF status with you – let’s carry it through the hourly stretches and dazzling danglers of November!

      Thank you also, for all your kind words and sharing our GoalFest project on your blog! We love meeting the new friends you have sent our way! -El

  6. I have decided that my goal for November will be to finish the rag quilt I’ve had in the closet for almost a year. It is for one of our grandsons and I’m sure he would love to snuggle up in it this winter, so I’ll get it out and finished it.

      1. Okay, okay. I read about her on Google and had a flashback to her appearance on Ellen’s show. So, I had heard about her, sort of. My goodness, she is everywhere. You are right. Exhausting trying to keep up with her. Next goal; sit down and recover from experiencing (vicariously) her busy life condensed into 5 minutes of intense research. Phew. Actually, about the sitting. You may like to know that I hardly ever sit. I do all my computer work standing up.

        1. Wooo hooooo – you’re the first to complete your November goal and be entered in the next drawing – virtual confetti is heading your way! Your second goal may take much longer – there are just some things you can’t unsee! That is interesting about standing up to do your computer work – is the computer on an elevated table? Did you do that deliberately to keep from too much sitting or was there another trigger? (Inquiring minds want to know!)

          1. My computer work is really my blog and generally messing about on the computer/laptop.The laptop stays on my kitchen bench. So, it is easy just to stop at the computer as I go about my daily routines. Sitting down hardly ever happens because if I do I am guaranteed to fall asleep! I am a shocker. If I stop, I drop.

  7. No body scrub for me. 🙁 My October goal was to log 5 hours of heartbeat-elevating movement (above yoga and daily dog walks) every week. I averaged about 2 hours – one of those due to a weekly line-dancing class. But, I’m not giving up on this. Among the many benefits of regular cardiovascular exercise is it may help prevent/delay dementia and Alzheimer’s. That is motivating!

    My November goal is to log 5 hours of heartbeat-elevating movement (above yoga and daily dog walks) every week. (Yes, you read it before and you’re reading it again.)

    Kudos to you, El, for your goal. You know I had that same issue and the changes I began making a couple years ago are really paying off for me now. Set alarm reminders on your phone. Set alarm reminders on your computer if you’ll be working on it for awhile. Set the kitchen timer if you’re watching TV or whatever. (This one’s great because the timer will be annoying and you have to get up to go turn it off!) If working at home, try setting your laptop on that high bar counter of yours and work standing up for five or ten minutes (standing way better than sitting!)

    Why don’t you come for a visit and I’ll give you more suggestions?? 😉

    1. Like you, some of last month’s goal has become a November goal, also. And those are all great ideas to take on my no-more-serial-sitting goal. AND it gives me an excuse to buy more of those cute timers I mentioned in an earlier post! Looking forward to receiving more suggestions in person soon!!

  8. I am one who unfortunately reads a lot of magazines, I cull them for insights and thoughts. I agree, there are many people who seem annoying, they appear in many issues of magazines yet don’t seem to be that smart! We value brains, I can see by the responses here!
    I finished a painting for my Mom, it wasn’t that hard, but I did this in October, to reach her birthday on November first. I also get baby names requests, all the time, I do pen and ink then watercolor details. I just got one for a baby boy born on Oct. 21st, named “Memphis.” I just did one before I went to my Mom’s named Lainey. Her sister, Presley has one, too.
    I cannot impose another goal on myself, I feel overwhelmed by the blog sometimes, along with fitting in visits with family and grandchildren close by… So, this was more of ‘an excuse me please,’ but allow me to peek at your goals and hey, I will gladly cheer everyone on! Hugs!

    1. You are excused – no worries there. Sounds like you already have quite a few goals in place. And we can all use the encouragement and cheering you offer – THANKS!!! 🙂 – M

  9. Well, Pauline is right there is a bunch of great people here to inspire me! Okay, winter will be hitting our area soon. I ride Great Mississippi river trail from spring to late fall( we still ride on wieekend) if it is not too cold. BUtttt.#1.my goal is to ride my exercise bike 4 times a week this winter—but I HATE it for it is more fun to ride outside. I get bored! Which means, I pay when spring comes!
    # 2 I also need to clean out my garden room. Organize it for seed starting. My second goal will to get the room clean. AND….
    #3to make sure the decorations for Thanksgiving are up a few weeks before instead of the day before-lol;….
    Pauline was right, this is a good place to get motivated!

    1. I guess riding in place would seem a bit anti-climatic after river trails! Maybe you can find a nature show to watch while you pedal – battling leopards, mating tarantulas, or swarming killer bees could be just the thing to alleviate any boredom while motivating you to pedal faster – the sooner you put in your miles the sooner you get to turn it off! You have worthy goals and we’ll be rooting you on, Robbie! By the way – tomorrow is NOT too soon to get out a few of those Thanksgiving decorations – you know we’re already at “a few weeks before,” right? -El

      1. I know but the halloween are still up-lol::-)I will work on it this week! I did try the “free” videos on my computer through You tube. That worked for a bit but it would keep my “bottom” on the bike seat for about 30:-) What worked was watching gardening You tube videos-lol. Now I learned something and got some exercise. My goal is to start thursday ( dragging my feet) getting on THAT bike + try to do it this month. I have to start soon for I can’t get out there with the winds outside after today…..I am glad, I found you all for( thank you Pauline!!) I need to keep motivated.
        The gal I bike with signed up for a fitness program that costs hundreds a month + I am too cheap to pay it. Well, that money is helping my last one in college. sooooo..I have to do this myself. I did better last winter, I did not put on my winter weight! That was the first time since I have been married-34 years ago!
        Every winter it is too easy to put my bottom on that couch or computer chair when the snow flies:-) Now I have your site to motivate me to get off my bottom!!!!!
        I will be back thursday to check in and see if I am getting on the stationary bike- my nemesis soon to be my best friend!

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