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Motivational Monday #23

Even if you are in a good place in life, you can’t get complacent. You do not grow without movement – which is bad enough. But, as Will Rogers pointed out, it gets much worse because

More Friday Five Funnies

Friday Five, FUN
Well, it’s time to start your weekend off with a chuckle again. The Fat-Bottom-Fifties Facebook page we told you about in March is moving right along. We notice we haven’t shared any of the posts with you since May, so here are 5 to put a smile on your face!…

Try It – You’ll Like It

How many of us can say we took a chance on something and surprised ourselves by liking it? Whether you were encouraged (is that really the word I’m looking for?) to eat your vegetables or try new ones, or you can remember the ad campaigns “try it – you’ll like it” for…

Straws with a Cause

Helpful Tips
Many of us have straws on hand. They’re so colorful and inexpensive, that they are used for everything from craft projects to larger items such as chairs and lampshades (I’m not kidding – check out Pinterest on this!). But there are some practical uses for straws that can make life…

Recess – It’s What’s for Lunch!

There’s no doubt that a break, somewhere in your otherwise routine day, is beneficial and can lead to more productive hours in the aftermath. However, many of us at work spend our lunch time ‘googling’ things we didn’t get to finish up last night, or editing some report for work and…

Motivational Monday #22

You may have experienced setbacks. You may be struggling with difficult issues. Or you may be content with the status quo. Wherever you are in life, it is important to keep learning, keep growing, and keep moving forward, because                                                                                       Photo by Richard Verdoorn

Travelin’ Light(er)

Just got back from a 16-day road trip. Following my usual post-travel routine, the morning after arriving home I pulled out the bathroom scale, stepped on, breathed deeply, and peered through squinted eyes at the numbers. I’d gained two pounds. HURRAY!! Okay, weight gain is not a reason for me…

Motivational Monday #20

I was sitting on my patio one sunny evening, contemplating whether or not to make a particular change in my life. As I mentally sifted through the pros and cons of leaving my comfort zone and taking on something new, the sun’s heat became so intense I decided to move…