Straws with a Cause

Straws with a Cause

Many of us have straws on hand. They’re so colorful and inexpensive, that they are used for everything from craft projects to larger items such as chairs and lampshades (I’m not kidding – check out Pinterest on this!). But there are some practical uses for straws that can make life a little easier or a little more colorful for each of us!

1. Fruit prep. Sliding a straw through the middle of the fruit is a quick way to core strawberries. It works for pitting cherries, too!

Straws With a Cause

2. Detangling jewelry. Slide fine-chained necklaces through the opening of the straw and clasp on the outside (cut straw to length needed). This is a great way to ensure knot-free necklaces while travelling.

3. Entertain the kids. Make this fun bubble wand for spur-of-the-moment magic. An easy bubble solution can be found with directions for the wand at We Have Ears website (click the picture).

Uses For Straws

4. Keep food fresher. When you put food in plastic freezer or storage bags to preserve, create a vacuum-packed-like seal by leaving an opening big enough for the straw to slide in before pressing or zip-locking and suck the air out. Quickly remove straw and seal.

5. Serve food. Colorful straws make a great alternative for decorative toothpicks (although I would have cut them in half for the marshmallows) or used as a fruit skewer.

Cool Uses for Straws


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6. Make it to-go. Tape closed one end of a straw and funnel in a portion of powdered drink mix, salt, pepper, or other dry seasoning. Cut to size and tape off the other end. This also works with condiments such as soy sauce, ketchup, mustard or that bit of special sauce you like drizzled over your sandwich.

7. Creep someone out. Make incredibly believable worms. I won’t ruin all the pretty fruit pictures with a visual, but if you want to see them you can check them out HERE.

8. Bonus use. They are great for sipping beverages through. I KNOW – what will they think of next?!

Straws With a Cause






    1. Thanks, Debby! Much to my chagrin, I realized I had forgotten to include one for extending flowers in flower arrangements by slipping them in straws that are longer than their stems – and that was one of my favorites! Thanks for giving me an opportunity to share it!

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