Confessional – Facing phobias like Hypengyophobia and Chronomentrophobia

OK, so I have already ‘fessed’ up to breaking the toilet seat in our “About” page. We, in the family, had a good laugh about it but it is still embarrassing. So much so that I now confess to not having replaced it. The toilet seat sits in the bathroom, repaired by black duct tape – which itself is now starting to show some stress. I was in Home Depot contemplating which ‘heavy duty’ seat to buy when it occurred to me that I can’t replace it. I had a vision of replacing it and having it break again – thus shattering my illusion (delusion?) that it was just a ‘one-off’, a faulty seat, a flawed design. The toilet seat stays as a reminder that I need to stay fierce about my fitness goals. Once I hit my toilet seatnext milestone, I will visit Home Depot again and see what visions guide me. It is possible I have a bit of Hypengyophobia: fear of responsibility. Also known as hypegiaphobia. If by chance, these phobias are not spelled correctly. . . it’s not my fault!

This next confession could fall under the phobia Chronomentrophobia: fear of clocks. I don’t know that I actually fear clocks, I guess I sometimes just resent that they don’t have more hands/hours. I confess that I am not good at ‘springing forward’. I totally rock at ‘falling behind’ though – I mean totally. Having to set my clock an hour early thereby losing a precious hour of sleep, makes me feel  as though I have lost a whole night’s sleep. Having to arrive at work a whole hour early does not sit well with me. It always takes me a few weeks to get on schedule. going to the gym

Come fall when we set our clocks back and I gain a whole hour, I feel like I am on vacation and I enjoy every single minute of that hour. I re-set myself to that clock immediately and have no problems staying on that schedule. This year I am trying to have the attitude that somewhere in there, I hear Spring so…. it may just be getting closer. This snow may all turn to mud one day soon and it may be time to take one last look at my Burpee catalog before sending off that order for garden seeds.

And just because it made me laugh and forget about all my phobias…

Weight Loss_Virginity

Have a great week (and face down all fears that stand in the way of that)!   – M


  1. Despite losing the hour of sleep, I do enjoy having more daylight hours, especially once the temperatures rise.
    Love the comics!

    1. I know, I’m trying to be positive about it as well. It just starts off so rough – it has been light when I go in in the morning (7 AM) and still light when I leave in the afternoon (4 PM). This morning it was not light yet! I’m sure it will be light when I go home. Glad you enjoyed the comics! – M

  2. Our dogs – not morning furkids to begin with – were not pleased with the time change. Gracie in particular lounges in her bed until we either leave the room or pick her up (she playing the limp ragdog) and carry her out. Yesterday was okay; I could still get up by daylight and get to where I needed to be, but today was another story. Hubby had to drag Gracie AND me out of bed! I’d love for government to just leave the clocks alone… 😀

  3. PS. Love your responsibility phobia. Didn’t know there was a name for that! 😀

    1. Thanks Natine – I was never the responsible daughter, sister, adult…. I think Arizona has the right idea; they don’t spring forward or fall behind. But I guess in Arizona, they don’t really need any more daylight in their days. – M

  4. I think that’s perfect logic about the toilet seat, and I’m with you on the duct tape. I refuse to get a new mattress to alleviate the dip on my side until I no longer have to worry about putting a dip in the new one.

    When I worked in an office, I used to drive my coworkers a tad crazy. When it was time to set the clocks back, I never did. Our starting time was 8:00, but my watch always said 9:00. My mindset was that I changed my starting time to an hour later, and it felt like a luxury to sleep in an hour every day. 🙂

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