The Magic Truth and a Pinterest Call


I confess that I made a milkshake in my Magic Bullet. (Thus, the choice to use its nickname ‘Magic Bullet’ versus ‘Nutri Bullet’)  Please don’t tell anybody. In spite of all his healthy elixirs and tonics, finding out I used this appliance for a milkshake could be the one thing that would give the Nutri Bullet creator a heart attack!

Now, to my credit, I made it in the small cup AND split it with my husband. It’s all about portion control, right?

While I don’t intend to make this a daily – or even weekly – habit, I further confess that I’m pretty sure I will use the Magic Bullet to make another milkshake in the future. It was delicious!

Whew! Now that I have that off my  chest I can go on to another matter of great importance. We have recently gotten on Pinterest and have several boards to grow our fierce resources. Is anyone interested in participating in group boards that would allow you to post on our site? The board topics are: fierce humor, tips, motivation, inspiration, recipes, products, reads/resources, portion control, over fifties, and celebrations. If anyone is interested or would like more information on how it works, please let us know in the comment section below or contact us at

In closing, I would just like to say: You know you’re over 50 when  a TV newscaster announces there’s a severe weather alert and urges everyone to check on their elderly neighbors – and your phone immediately starts ringing!      – El


  1. Hey, don’t be so hard on yourself. A little sweet treat now and then is perfectly acceptable. Now if you drank an entire bullet filled with milkshake, that could be a problem.
    If I ever get on Pinterest, I’d love to participate. Right now, my schedule doesn’t allow for any additional social media involvement.

    1. I know what you mean about social media limits, Jill – seems like a full time job figuring out what they all are, let alone participating in each! I’m actually checking out Stumbleupon – as if I have any business adding to my social media ‘portfolio!’Usually, by the time I figure out what something is and how to use, the trend is over! – EL

  2. Not going to comment on the milkshake thing (but a can of sweetened condensed milk recently went missing from our pantry and I did feel a couple new bum dimples sprout…) As to the weather alerts, in our neighborhood ALL the phones would be ringing! 🙂

    I would occasionally add pins to group boards for FBFGF. I think it would hit some audiences that the blog alone might not.

    1. The neighborhood comment cracked me up – a cacophony of rings! I agree with you on reaching beyond the blog with Pinterest. Without a FB page, there is no base to make ‘friends’ other than by sharing. Let me know what topics you are interested in – the board would also appear on your line-up, so you want to make sure it’s topics that are consistent with your ‘voice.’ – EL

      1. I set up a pin board on my site titled Fan of FatBottomFiftiesGetFierce. I will use it to help promote your blog and pinterest boards, and I’ll send pins to you when I see appropriate ones. 🙂

  3. I don’t get on Pinterest too much, but I agree with Natine, pictures can be helpful as well.

  4. Yay for milkshakes and portion control. It’s always good to have a wee treat now and then. As for Pinterest, my pages are sorely lacking, but I’ll be sure to follow you when your pages are up!

    Love your gravatar! 🙂

    1. Our pages are up for Pinterest. You can connect on our ‘contact’ page. If you ever want to post on our topics, let me know – the more the merrier! We were glad to get that gravatar – the quilt pattern and/or empty head that came up didn’t do a thing for us! – EL

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