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5 Products We Tested for You – and Liked!

5 Products We Tried - and Liked

1. Justin’s Almond Butter.  All natural. Organic. Oh yeah – and tasty! Comes in different flavors like maple and chocolate and different kinds of butters. The single serving packets are great to toss in a purse or glove compartment for a quick pick-me-up, but it also comes in regular peanut butter size jars. It can be found in organic food stores and some grocery stores. Click the picture for online sources.

5 Products We Tested and Liked

2. Chobani Greek Yogart Flip. Pineapple coconut low-fat Greek Yogurt with hazelnuts, toasted coconut & granola, a/k/a “Tropical Escape” is just one of Chobani’s “flips.”  The crunchy treats are separated from the creamy yogart until you’re ready to eat. – the container has a crease that allows you to flip them in from their compartment to turn the already-good-yogart into desert. They boast 1.5% milkfat, only natural ingredients, and the use of milk from cows not treated with rBST. Other flavors include Almond Coco Loco, Key Lime Crumble, and Nutty for ‘Nana.


5 Products we Tried and LIked
3. Maybelline BB. Having never found a foundation that I’m satisfied with, I typically mixed a small dollop of moisturizer into a foundation I had “settled” for to be able to apply it smoothly. Then I stumbled upon Maybelline Dream Fresh BB (do I sound like and ad here, or what?) thinking it was simply a lighter foundation with SPF 30. Apparently the “BB” indicates beauty balm – according to their ads “it combines skincare and makeup to perfect skin in one simple step.” Which is exactly what I had been doing (but didn’t know enough to call it beauty balm), but this takes away the hand-swirling-mix-mess as well as that “extra step.” Other claims? “Get 8 skin benefits in 1 simple step blurs imperfections, brightens, evens skin-tone, smoothes, hydrates, enhances, protects with SPF 30, and contains 0% oils.” Wow – who wouldn’t want to try it after that?? I can’t tell you whether or not it enhanced or protected me, but I do like the ease of application and the slightly dewy look it brings to my 50-something face! Which is ironic, because I generally associate Maybelline as being a product for a younger market. Apparently “beauty balms” are a thing now – I noticed numerous other brands with a BB emblazoned on them. I did give one other a try, but the color was too light for me, so I gave it away before I could ascertain whether it would have worked as well as Maybelline.
5 Products we Tried for You and Liked
4. Mr. Clean Magic Sponge. OK – so it’s not new, but it may be new to you. And I found a new use for it. You know those “shadows” that form on the walls your pets rub up against repeatedly? Mr. clean can handle it. If you haven’t yet discovered this magic cleaning tool that doesn’t have the harsh chemicals so many other products contain, give it a try. Easily wipes grime from baseboards, switchplates, and is capable of dealing with the tougher scuff marks on walls.
5 Products We Tried For You5. Brown Rice Triscuits baked with Sweet Potato. I’m not sure why these caught my eye, because I don’t even like sweet potato. Last March I saw them advertised, but hadn’t seen them on the shelves. Well, we found them and tried them out this week. Tons of flavor, lots of crunch. Check out their stats below.
New ProductsNew Products
 5 Products We Tried for You - and LIied
 And now, for a NEW product. I saw this and thought I might develop it into a colorful product line switching up the top line for a more direct approach such as “Nope – it’s just not happening” or the simple, eloquent “NO!” Is this a product you could use?
New Products


  1. Interesting. We have nut grinding machines here in the natural food stores and in one grocery store. Grinding the nuts is the freshest thing you can do and it taste great. So I’m hooked on that. The take-with-you packets of almond butter sound good though, a great idea.

    I havent tried the Mr Clean eraser but it sounds good. I always have marks on the wall corners from the cats. LOL It’s nice to know that won’t harm the paint. I found some chlorox wipes that are fantastic dusters and do exactly what they say they’ll do, which is amazing. I’ll be posting about that soon.

    I love Chobani yogurt.

    I’ll have to look for those crackers and the Maybelline product. I’ve never seen either of them. I don’t like sweet potatoes either, but will try it.

    Have a great day!

    1. I’ve never seen nut grinding machines in the store, Sunni. I’ll be on the lookout for them in the “whole food” stores, here – thanks for the tip! Hope Mr. Clean does his job at your house as well as he did at mine! Enjoy your weekend! -El

  2. I love the Magic Erasers and any flavored Triscuit is A-Ok in my book! I had to stop eating yogurt because the sugar content is too high per serving.

      1. It is surprising. I was having issues with my Glucose levels being high and I don’t eat sweets. When I cut out yogurt, that I ate every morning and for a snack, and started taking Cinnamon supplements, my levels went down. I’ve yet to find a yogurt that doesn’t have a low sugar content. Cinnamon is great to stabilize blood sugar levels.

  3. I use a BB and love it! The refusal card made me smile – Imagine if that became as common place as handing out business cards …… 🙂 Maybe there could be a ‘Yes’ version or even a ‘I’ll do it whenever you want it done’ version – so much friendlier!!

    1. Pauline, you are such a positive person! Personally, I have WAY less trouble saying “YES” than I do saying “NO” to requests for time commitments in various areas of my life that sometimes I have no business agreeing to take on. I’m improving in that area, though! Since you already have a head start on the weekend in New Zealand, I’ll say enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  4. I love Mr. Clean Eraser and I’m interested in the makeup. Haven’t seen it yet when I was out today buying a replacement lipstick by Maybeline. 😀

    1. Other brands have that BB mix – I’m curious to know whether or not they work as well as the Maybelline. I might venture out again after I finish the tube I’m working on!

  5. I want the card at the bottom — except I want it to be reusable. 😉 I noticed Jill mentioned the sugar in the yogurt (that was my first thought, too;) I like the peanut butter packets but they are also high in added sugars — for those who need to watch those things…

    1. That should be our next project, Natine – we could make sets of Excuse Cards and give them as gifts to our dear friends who have trouble saying “No” – of course we would keep several for ourselves!! On the sugar front, I have to keep better watch – I forget to check those numbers sometimes. -El

  6. Loved the idea of a “new” mabelline product and have never tried the Sweet Potato Triscuits. Will definitely give both a try.

    Thanks Shel

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