1. Yep, #5! One reason I don’t cook more than I do is that whenever I get ready to prepare a dish, without fail I’m missing at least one essential ingredient, and grocery shopping is my least favorite kind of shopping. :-/

    1. I can relate to missing-ingredient-syndrome, Dee Dee! When I went to check which one was number five, I was struck by how pea-green it looked. It started out bright green and darkened with one of the effects I added – certainly appropriate for the message!

  2. I missed all these on face book – due to it’s highly selective mode of allowing me to see posts! Really glad to see them here 😀 #1 and #3 apply here!!

    1. Yah, I just can’t figure out that reach thing, Pauline! There’s we put on there yesterday that made me think of you (magical!), but it wouldn’t let me tag you – talk about obstinate! If you pop over to the page, it’s the one that looks sparkly white – you’ll know it when you see it!

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