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Eating Right – the 5 Best Tips We’ve Heard All Year!

Eating Right - the 5 Best Tips We've Hear All Year!


1. Relocation. Crispers are where fresh fruit and vegetable go to wither. It’s magical. How many times have you put a perfectly good grapefruit in a crisper drawer, only to pull out a soggy ball a mere two months later? Or some crisp green celery goes in and limp white strings are what meet you when slide open the drawer? Out of sight, out of mind. Move the fruits and veggies out of the crispers and put them on the top shelf where their cheery colors and wish-it-were-me firmness is the first thing you see when you open the door. Use those drawers to store the treats and pizza makings that shouldn’t be so quick to disappear!

2. Quinoa -it’s not just for dinner any more. Quinoa makes a great breakfast – think “oatmeal substitute.” Cook it as usual, add milk at the end and let simmer until it thickens. Top off with your breakfast “condiments” such as dried fruit, berries, cinnamon, honey, nuts, seeds, coconut or the like for the perfect porridge.

3. Car nosh. When fast food is calling out to you during your drive, you can avoid the lure by grabbing some nuts that you have prepackaged for just such an occasion and tucked into your glove compartment or console. If you like things a little sweet, toss in some dried fruit or fool your palette with some cocoa-dusted almonds – they have no added sugar and the dark chocolate is loaded with antioxidants.

4. User friendly. Have those relocated goodies easy to grab on the run. Grapes washed and plucked, celery sliced, cucumbers peeled. Take that see-it-first psychology a step further and freeze some of those grapes on a baking sheet. When frozen toss them into an easy-open freezer bag and place them up front and center in your freezer for an instant sorbet-like sweet treat.

5. Bread spread. How about some seasoned hummus instead of that mayo or as a nutritious add on to your sandwich? Get it pre-made in a variety of flavors or make your own by pureeing chickpeas and stirring in a few ingredients like those set forth in this Real Simple 5-Minute Hummus Recipe.

DIET TIP #254:  Don't rush your food.
DIET TIP #254:
Don’t rush your food.

What’s the best tip you’ve heard this year?



  1. I did that crisper idea a few years ago. It did help. Somehow now once in a while I place fruits or veggies in there and Waala……I find them gone bad later on. I don’t like the crisper drawers that is for sure! ha

    1. Sometimes I swear those drawers should be called “DEcrispers” based on how my once-lovely veggies emerge! I’m sure it’s the drawer – nothing at all to do with my infrequent drawer-visits! -El

  2. I keep a little baggie of almonds in my purse. I pop a few between meals. They really get the hole out of your stomach. Sometimes I have a little cheese with them.

  3. Veggies in my crisper never die a slow death ~ they’re the first thing I reach for. I do clean salad veggies and have them “ready to go” ~ celery, carrots, peppers, cabbage.

    WOW! That Hummus recipe has 600 calories of fat ~> 400 for the oil and 200 for the tahini. Neither is really necessary. Beans, lemon, garlic, crushed red pepper, cumin, and salt make a yummy low fat hummus.

    Another great dip tip ~ black bean salsa. Combine one can of Ro*Tel (Tomatoes and Chile Peppers) with a 15 oz. can of black beans, drained and rinsed. I drain off the liquid from the Ro*Tel and use it (along with the lemon juice) to thin and flavor my hummus without adding fat and calories.

    1. Hopefully nobody eats the whole hummus recipe in one sitting! If used as a bread spread it is probably comparable in calories to mayo and, with the heart-healthy olive oil, a better choice. The tahini was an optional ingredient and not necessary in the recipe, but I love that you have a great sounding alternative if one doesn’t want the oil or as many calories. And I’m with Dee Dee on the black bean salsa – definitely on my to-try list! -El

      1. I make the black bean salsa once a week ~ it’s easy, quick, nutritious, and delicious. I make hummus almost as often. Beans = a great way to fiber up our daily fare.

  4. Good suggestions. My two favorite fruits to keep handy are grapes and Cuties (or Halos). nrhatch, I like that black bean salsa recipe. Definitely going to try it. Now I must sign off to check out a cornbread chicken pot pie recipe on another blog. :-p

    1. Both those fruits lend themselves to a quick grab. Love that the Cuties have their own wrapper, making it easy to toss in a purse or a briefcase for later in the day. Chicken pot pie??? Mmmmmm . . . -El

  5. Substitute all cooking oils with coconut oil. It has the highest heat point [no carcinogens] and is an essential nutrient for your body. [Not all fat is bad] I didn’t hear this this year, have been doing this for two already, sorry slight cheat [insert slightly shame faced smile here].

    1. Uh, can we have shame AND smile on the same face, Ms. Pauline?? We’ll take the tip from whatever year, though! All parts of the coconut have certainly been widely celebrated in the past couple of years. Glad to hear from someone who has test-driven the product – I’m anxious to give it a try! -El

  6. Great tips. For me, I’m having to redefine what a snack is. A cup of soup, tuna, etc… are all satisfying snacks that stay with me a lot longer than something with empty calories.

    1. I never thought of soup as a snack, but that’s a great one – especially this time of year! When I’m in the mood for a little heat, I warm up a spicy V-8 – that clears out the sinuses while getting some veggies in my day! -El

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