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Not Your Kid’s Easter Eggs

Not Your Kid's Easter EggsDo you like the look or creative aspect of decorating Easter Eggs but don’t want to tangle with the messy dye versions of yesteryear? Looking for something fun and different? For our Friday Five we’ve rounded up five that will put a smile on your face and add a little panache to your Easter decor! Click on the pictures for instructions and material lists.

1. Easter Egg Portraits – fun for hiding, decorating, or to use at the table instead of namecards for assigned seating!

Not Your Kid's Easter Eggs

2. Decorator Eggs – they’re easier to do than they may look and are a great choice if you have a color scheme you’re working with.

Not Your Kid's Easter Eggs

3. Pineapple Eggs – won’t these look great next to your fruit bowl?

Not Your Kid's Easter Eggs

4. Silk-wrapped Eggs – they are unique, surprisingly uncomplicated to create, and make a very classy presentation!

Not Your Kid's Easter Eggs

5. Strawberry Easter Eggs – OK, so they’re not technically eggs. But aren’t they pretty? And you don’t even have to go elsewhere for directions. Melt some white chocolate, put it into as many different small bowls as you want colors, drop a dot or two of food coloring in each and blend. Dip the strawberries and let dry for a few minutes. Decorate with contrasting colored white chocolate by squeezing through a small frosting nozzle or the clipped corner of baggie. Pretty in a platter or for a garnish on each plate!

Not Your Kid's Easter Eggs


Not Your Kid's Easter Eggs

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  1. We made the strawberry Easter eggs and they were so much fun. But we finally had to hide them until Sunday. They kept disappearing. 😉

    1. I was intrigued by that one, too, Jill. I can see using that tissue paper technique – so easy!- to put faces on other objects for different occasions. Happy Easter!

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