Friday Five #2

Friday Five at Fat-Bottom-Fifties Get FierceFriday Five is a random assortment of tips, thoughts or ideas. They may be connected, they may not. But they will be brief and leave you either informed, entertained, or with a smile on your face. On a good day we’ll hit all three!

1. A go-to product. I always have a pack of Mission Carb Balance Whole Wheat Tortillas on hand. With a longer-than-bread shelf life, the 6″ size results in effortless portion control. In addition to the expected (but tasty) quesadilla or folded sandwich, a favorite use is a mini pizza. Throw in a salad and you’ve got a filling, healthy meal ready in 15 minutes. Depending on your pizza toppings and salad dressing, it’s probably about a 300 calorie meal. The tortilla by itself is 80 calories, 2 g of fat, 3 g of protein, 13 g total carbohydrates and a lovely 10 g fiber count. For a breakfast treat, I slap a reasonable amount of peanut butter (preferably natural crunchy) in the middle, add a schmear of marshmallow fluff or jelly for a little sweet, roll it up and eat it with an apple. Very portable!Favorite product - Missio Tortillas


2. Disappointing product. Weight Watchers Chocolate Creme Cake. There’s an accent mark over the first ‘e’ in ‘creme.’ So I guess we’re suppose to say ‘crem’ – with a pinky up. As you can see the box top shows two pieces of cake, one bursting with I-must-try-it chocolate creme. The reality picture is missing more than the raspberry – where’s the creme?? Excuse me, I mean “crem.” Even its absorption into the cake wasn’t enough to moisten the dry-as-dust texture. Free to a good home: 5 mini chocolate crem-less cakes.

WW Chocolate Creme Cake as pictured on the box
WW Chocolate Creme Cake as pictured on the box
The reality
The reality



3. Another reason to wear your glasses while getting ready to go out: Foaming facial cleanser doesn’t look as good in your hair as mousse.



4. I’ve heard this is a real problem for some.

Friday Five



5. To this over-50 truism sent in by Lou we say: YEAH!

Over 50


  1. Since I have your permission, I’m not growing up!! I always thought it was optional anyway!

  2. Thank you for numbers 4 & 5. 4 made me laugh. When I read number 5 I thought, “Thank God!” I can stop trying so hard!!

  3. I can so relate to #4……….love the tortillas, sometimes I will do chicken & cheese fold in half & grill on both sides for a “quesadilla” with salsa on the side.

  4. Concerning #3. But if you wear your glasses while getting ready, it takes a lot more make-up to cover all the wrinkles that aren’t there when you don’t wear them.

    1. So the overall solution would be to just leave the glasses off altogether – wrinkles gone AND the potentially greasy-looking hair simply looks like a blurry halo! – EL

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