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Monday Confessional – Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?

Mondays are probably not the best day to make assessments. You know –  we’re all tired and not excited about going back to work, dragging after cramming too much fun into our weekends! So, no surprise that I find myself dreaming of surgery to reduce my double chin, sagging turkey neck and eye flaps while applying make up to cover what I can. I don’t normally pay that much attention to it all but, seriously, haven’t we all thought about it from time to time? And is it any less FIERCE to get some help along the way? We can’t answer that for each of you, but as I muse about it this beautiful Monday morning here are some pros and cons I have considered.

Cons (always a bad news first kind of gal)

  • Expensive
  • Risk of complications
  • Risk of not looking quite as good as I was hoping (think Bruce Jenner)
  • Believing it will a ‘cure all’ for life’s disappointments


Pros (certainly needed after that disparaging list)

  • Could provide just the lift (pun intended) needed to face (pun again) life with a new perspective
  • Improve self esteem
  • Possible health benefits [deviated septum, too large breasts (did not say too saggy of breasts – although it may cut down on skin irritation from sweat that accumulates where breasts rest on stomach skin all day – yes even with the benefit of a bra)]

Never a good idea to contemplate any of this if it is someone else’s idea for a new and improved you. Most changes that will make us feel good about ourselves are free (or relatively) and longer lasting than the cosmetic kind. I just still ponder it from time to time though. Good thing Mondays only last 24 hours! Wrinkles can be adorable as proven by the ‘wrinkle twins’ below.

Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering?

Have a great week, friends – and remember that you are Fiercely Groovy Cool! -M

Anybody else conflicted about cosmetic surgery?


  1. Ha! How many of us take our pointing fingers and put them in front of our ears and move the skin back just a smidge? I’ve taken care of part of it: great skin care products and rarely wear makeup at all! 🙂

    1. Great skin care products and great genes are some of our best assets! If only I would have paid more attention to all that ‘take care of your skin’ advice back when I was younger and completely unconcerned with aging! Thanks Julie -M

    2. Aging, wrinkles, jowls OH MY!! I would also like to see my belly fat dissolve anybody have any ideas for that? Of course any ideas offered should not include cutting out sweets cause I just love my sweets. Oh and yea I also love ice cream and especially sherbet so what are my chances of getting rid of belly fat?? Help ME!!!

      1. LOL – too funny! I hear ya’ Tresa. I see ads all the time for miracle products that melt belly fat away simply by ingesting them – if only they were true. I suggest walking, walking and then walking :). El’s post today should give you some suggestions for what to do with left over sweets (aka sugar). – M

  2. It’s hard not to think of cosmetic surgery occasionally – especially when print and film media are constantly rubbing our noses into air-brushed “perfection.” Then there’s the ads for in-one-day face lifts with real people who presumably lost their crepey necks and jowls… it’s tempting. Then I remember I don’t like pain. ANY pain.

    I recently considered trying to tape my neck behind my ears (ala Julie’s comments above) in anticipation of a series of Skype calls — that’s when I really notice neck and jowls. But naaaaahhhhh…too lazy. 😉 So I follow my sister’s suggestions: I wear glasses, swipe on bright lipstick, smile into the mirror just before I leave, and go forth under the illusion I look fabulous. 😉

  3. Funny this should come up. I was telling my workout class about how I have always wanted two things fixed on my body: My breasts are too large thus the desire for a reduction. My inner thighs touch each other way too much. I don’t see why a little liposuction wouldn’t be a good thing.

    I actually took my husband with me to see a plastic surgeon for the breast reduction. His face revealed his horror at the thought that they remove the nipples and then put them back on after all the lifting.

    On the drive home, he asked one very important question, “What if they don’t put them back on centered?”

    The reduction and the lipo are still being considered. As soon as I lose all the weight I need to lose, so maybe in 5 years.

    1. HILARIOUS Sharon! If they aren’t centered, I don’t think you should have to pay 🙂 Keep up the workout classes and fingers crossed for the 5 year mark!! – M

  4. Okay, since this is Monday Confessional (although I’m responding on a Tuesday), I’ll confess. I had some “work” done almost ten years ago, and I’ve been very pleased with it. True, it isn’t a cure-all for all life’s problems and it didn’t make me more popular or boost my book sales. Heck, it didn’t even get rid of all my wrinkles. What it did do, though, was give me back my neck and chin. For that I’m most grateful, as I have a short neck and don’t look all that good in turtlenecks. And it was totally my idea. As for pain, very little. The biggest drawback was down-time, but I was teaching at the time, so it wasn’t a huge problem to do it in the summer. I would say that if it’s something you want, find a skilled plastic surgeon and go for it!
    Now for what I wouldn’t recommend. Last November, I decided to have a little collagen put in my lips. I wasn’t going for an Angelina Jolie look, just wanted the lipline I used to have. Big mistake! I don’t know if my doctor got a little carred away or if all lip jobs turn out bad, but I hated the results. It’s been almost a year, and I’m still waiting for lips to look normal. And I just now am getting to where I can whistle again. 🙂

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