Confessional – Yarn Bombing

I had to confess to my husband this weekend that it was I who yarn-bombed the front yard. His question was something along the lines of “What the heck is all that trash out in the front yard – who threw stuff out there?” The term ‘yarn bombing’ was not in his vocabulary, and may not be in many of yours if you are not fiber fans. I speak of material fiber, not the Metamucil ilk – although we should all be fans of that fiber as well, particularly at this sweet age.

street_art_yarn_crochet_1Yarn bombing is the act of covering something in brightly colored yarn, something not typically covered in yarn. My yarn-bomb is not as pretty as the examples I provided but I don’t consider mine done yet. I was hoping to enlist nature in my bombing attempt.  My granddaughter and I were conducting an experiment.  We wanted to provide the birds, that are so bravely coming out from their winter hide-a-ways, with some material for their nests. We’re hoping they will use the scraps of yarn we threw out there to add to their building supplies, and then come late spring/early summer we’ll be able to spot the nests that have some brightly colored yarns adorning them!yarn bomb-bike rack

I’m tempted to blame this act of wild abandon on Natine’s post regarding throwing things out (you know how I have that hypengyophobia). But I really like the idea that the birds may use those threads, and thus part of my home, while creating their own – makes us all united in our celebration of spring. It is always more fun yarn-bombing with others!

I also confess, in my older age, I kind of like the idea of yarn bombing something – I mean like in the pictures. And I use the term yarn bombing as a euphemism for something fun that might seem a bit risky.  It’s harmless, it Stairmakes a statement and it is somehow sorta ‘bad’. We’ve all earned some enjoyment from having been here 50+ years and we need to make sure to do something fun as often as we can!   -M

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  1. I love that post! What a wonderful idea! And I agree, we have to remember to intentionally add a little unexpected color to life! I love the bright colored stair picture!

  2. I saw this at an outdoor Christmas event in Albuquerque in 2012, but had no idea there was a name for it! If your birds add some of your color to the nests, you’ll have to get some pics. What fun!!

    1. Some of the “bomb’s” I’ve seen (in person and in pics) are WAY impressive!!! I am hoping to be able to update everyone with some cool looking nests. Fingers crossed!! – M

  3. How clever! I never heard of yarn bombing before. Great pictures! Our birds would drag the yarn back in under our eaves – where they sneak into the attic and make their nests. 🙂

      1. Yes! Our house is a 108-year-old, two story gem. The birds have found many ways to tuck themselves in here, and we hear them all day long from the time they start building nests until they leave when everyone can fly to the trees. 🙂

        1. I love old homes and I think it is very generous of you to share yours with your bird neighbors! I’m sure the noise is not always welcome but pretty sweet for those mama birds who have a warm, safe place for their family. – M

    1. I know, I really hope I don’t end up having to pick up all the yarn scraps before it is time to mow. It’s going to be quite awhile before we start mowing (live in Michigan). It is pretty cool and some of the yarn bombs are just so creative. You now have a new word to add to your vocabulary which in my ‘book’ is always cool. 🙂 – M

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