I See Faces – it’s Not Paranoia if They’re Really Looking at You

I have to confess that sometimes seeing faces in inanimate objects makes me wonder if I’m a little crazy. They seem to be everywhere. Looking at me. It’s not paranoia if they’re really looking at me, right? Let me share some of these faces with you. Then you tell me – AM I crazy??

I see faces in the cars coming at me:

blog2 car face10blog2 car face4






blog2 car face2blog2 car face9






blog2 car face3blog2 car face7







I see faces in pansies.

blog2 pansy facesblog2 pansy faces2blog2 pansy faces1













I see faces in clouds.

blog2 cloud face2blog2 cloud face1blog2 cloud face











I even see faces in purses.

blog2 purse face3 blog2 purse face2









blog2 purse face




And, maybe scariest of all, some of the faces are edible!

blog2 cookie face3blog2 cookie face2blog2 cookie face












Well, you tell me – am I crazy, or are they really looking at me? I can’t be alone here – are there inanimate objects that look at you?


      1. Hahaha, I do see them! But I am not a good one to want on your side when it comes to imagining things!

  1. Hard to write when I’m laughing…you know the pansy thing is inherited paranoia, right? Litmus test for crazy: you’re sane if you see the faces. If you think they’re talking about you, call Lisa Mirotta!

    1. Yah – I want to thank her for taking something so pretty and turning it into something that freaks me out! No need to call Lisa yet – they don’t talk to me. Who should I call to get them to stop looking at me though?? -El

      1. I cover up the ones on the wood floor with a rug. I try to not look at the pansies. Not sure why I keep planting the little freaks.

        1. Ya made me laugh, Gina! I think we plant ’em because that and kale is all that’s available around here in late fall. Now that I’m a new kale-junkie, only the freak-faces will survive at my house. – EL

  2. Too funny, but yes I must say I see them too, even in potato chips!

  3. OMG yes (yes we are both a little crazy, and yes I see them), but I would have never considered coming out of the closet if you hadn’t opened the door. I see them in wood floors and doors, in carpet patterns, etc. Sometimes they are scary and sometimes not. Really creeped me out as a child. Thank you Shel! Now I don’t feel quite as weird.

  4. I’m laughing so hard. These are great. Clouds are my favorite. I have always seen faces in clouds.

  5. Of course I see the faces! They are most obvious to me in the cookies and the clouds. You are not alone! Will you be as quick to share when you hear the cars and purses and clouds speaking to you? Hmmm?
    I enjoyed this, thanks!

  6. You made me laugh! I have never thought of this. Now I’ll be crazy. 🙂

  7. everybody can see a face in anything, the worrysome part of it starts when one of those people starts calling it werid.. which is a lie, because we all can see them, which cannot be detemined as weird because weird implies a devaiant view, one who sees what everyobdy can see is not deviant. its normal

  8. I always wee faces in things. even in a towel or blanket crumpled up. If you’re crazy then I am too. 😛

    1. I won’t make a judgment – but I WILL say I appreciate the company!!

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