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Friday Five – Kitchen Smarts

Friday Five at Fat-Bottom-Fifties Get Fierce



Five easy things to make your kitchen more’ healthy-person-user-friendly’ (I’m pretty sure that’s a word)



1. Smaller plates – I really think they work. Once I get my salad on it, there isn’t a lot of room for other things. Also, you can pick up cute smaller plates at the local Salvation Army store or at Marshall’s, TJ Maxx and they are sooooo fun.

How fun do these plates look!
How fun do these plates look!

2. Don’t eat family style – I know that sounds like you shouldn’t eat with your family – we all know it is so important to sit down as a family to eat as often as possible (OK – not eat as often as possible but sit together). This just means do not put all the food on the table. Fill the plates in the kitchen and take only them to the table, not the dishes filled with second helping possibilities.


Family Circus 11-28-10


3. Eat only in the kitchen – OMG, how many calories would I save if I was only allowed to eat sitting at the kitchen and/or dining room table!?!? That could be my whole diet plan right there – seriously I consume food all over my house!

couch potatoe Capture

4. Clear your counters – Not only does it make you feel good that your kitchen looks so clean and orderly, but there are no cookies in the cookie jar, M&Ms in the candy dish, – I could go on and on…


5. Non-food accessories – Now that the counters are clear, bring in some springtime. Pretty yellow tulips in a vase, fresh kitchen towels to brighten up the place, a small radio or cool stand for your IPod so you can play some groovy cool tunes while you cook. We all know dinner cooked at home is usually WAY healthier than take-out- brought-in.

Yellow Tulips Capture

Now go out there, make your kitchen fiercely smart and have a great weekend! – M



  1. I’ve been using smaller plates for my meals for a long time, but it never occurred to me to buy some fun ones! What a great idea! And I so agree with #3 — isn’t that the TRUTH!?

    1. I like setting the table with a few similar yet different plates – same colors maybe but different patterns, or similar patterns but different hues… sometimes they seem to have nothing in common but if I match up the napkins, it all ties together. If I don’t ‘see’ that the plate is smaller because it’s pretty or fun, I never miss the extra food. On #3, I think I found a way to cut out some calories without even feeling the pinch too much!

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