10 Lo-Cal and No-Cal Ideas for Your Halloween Haunt

10 Lo-Cal and No-Cal Ideas for Your Halloween Haunt

Having a little Halloween fun? Leave the bags of sugary sweets for the goblins and check out these 10 No-Cal and Lo-Cal tricks and treats for your Halloween Haunt!

1. Let’s start things out with a smile – a witches smile! Apple slices and almond slivers make a bewitching snack!

Courtesy of doordiefitness.com
Courtesy of doordiefitness.com

2. Pack a punch. Both punching hand and punch included! A recipe for fruit juice and ginger ale concoction can be found HERE.  Substitute diet ginger ale or sparkling water for the regular soda to reduce calories further.

10 No-Cal and Lo-Cal Ideas for your Halloween Haunt

3. Jello worms. Remember the old Jello diddy: “Watch them wiggle, watch them jiggle . . . “? NOW you can add some squiggle to the wiggle and the jiggle! For how-tos, click HERE.

10 Lo-Cal and No-Cal Ideas for Your Halloween Haunt

4. Mummy cups. Just wrap a regular plastic cup with overlapping white self-adhesive bandage and glue on a couple of googly eyes. If we were talking about candy – which we’re not – I would mention that I also saw a candy bar wrapped up this way to great effect!

10 Lo-Cal and No-Cal Halloween Ideas

5. Coasters. So you have somewhere to set your mummy. ($9.99 for some vintage fun. Click HERE for info)

Halloween vintage coaster

6. Spider eggs. Who knew olives could be so versatile?!

10 No-Cal and Lo-cal Ides for Your Halloween haunting

7. More mummies. Wrap a turkey dog or hot dog of your choice with crescent roll strips (there’s a low-fat option!) – bake up and dot on some mustard eyes. You can either plate them or use a wooden skewer to stand them up in your centerpiece.

10 Lo-cal and No-Cal Ideas for Your Halloween Haunt

8. Spider ice. You can find these creepy-crawlers at the dollar store to give your your beverages a little personality!

Courtesy of pinterest.com
Courtesy of pinterest.com

9. Edible Brooms. A little string cheese, small pretzels and some chive ties come together for some protein with crunch. For the super easy how-to, click HERE.

10 Lo-Cal and No-Cal Ideas for Your Halloween Haunt

10. Creepy Finger Soap.  Have a bowl in the bathroom. Or by the door for a parting gift – because who doesn’t want to find a finger in their jacket pocket a week after the party?! (About $6.00 for a set – click on picture for info.)

10 Lo-Cal and No-Cal Ideas for Your Halloween haunt

Happy Haunting!

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  1. What a fun post! Last year I made the apple “mouths” for my grandson’s class party, and they were a big hit. The fingers would be weirdly popular now that they’re older kids.

    I just read about a woman who ran out of trick or treat candy at the evening. The doorbell rang and she quickly grabbed an alternative for the little girl’s sack. The girl reached in and pulled it out, read the label and asked, “Mom, what’s a calcium chew?” 😉

    1. Oh my gosh – that’s too funny, Marylin! I was pretty smitten with the fingers (you just may see them again very soon elsewhere!) – I would love to see what they look like after a few washes. -El

    1. At first I thought the brooms looked like too much work. But they’re pretty simple – you just snip the cheese with kitchen scissors after sticking a pretzel in a chunk and tie a piece of chive on. I loved that there were some real food alternatives to the routine sweet treats. -El

      1. Me too. It appals me actually the amount of ghastly sweets trick or treaters receive. I usually try to donate something like a savory biscuit in amongst all the sugar overload!

  2. I eat two apples every day…I might have to try out the witches smile. 🙂 I love cheese and I love pretzels, those edible brooms are going on the menu!

    1. I do like those treats, Nancy – great way to incorporate fruit. I saw a version of the banana ghosts on a “health site” that had been dipped in white chocolate and, while very cute, I thought: um, doesn’t that defeat the purpose?? -El

  3. Loved the post and the comments! Truly don’t know when you two find time to work your day jobs because you never fail to come up with interesting ideas… 🙂

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