5 Fierce Products to Try – Feedback Needed!

For today’s Friday Five we thought we’d show you 5 interesting products we’re curious about – in hopes that you’ve already tried it and can tell us whether or not it’s the real deal!

1. PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter. I saw this recently in an organic food store and did an instant: “Ewwwwww.” Powdered peanut butter? Then I saw this snippet from the editor of Family Circle (magazine): “When I asked Articles Director Jonna Gallo Weppler what her favorite healthy food was during her two stints at the Biggest Loser camps, she said smoothies made with this powdered peanut butter. The peanuts are pressed to remove oil so it’s only about 22 calories a tablespoon.” Hmmm, I hadn’t thought of it in smoothies . . . [$4-10 depending on size]

PB2 peanut butter

2. Tweezerman Smooth Finish Facial Hair Remover. Touted as less painful alternative to tweezing or waxing facial hair. The claim: coils can quickly grasp and pluck several hairs at a time from the root, resulting in a smooth finish that lasts 4-6 weeks. [$20]

New products

3. Poppy Silicone Lid by Charles Viancin. If this really works, we can stop hunting for the right lid. The claim: the floppy lid can be placed over any bowl or pot and it instantly creates a tight vacuum seal. It comes in three sizes. Other designs I saw for this product included lilypad, sunflower, hibiscus and pumpkin. [$9-14]

New products

4. Silk’n Pedi Callus Remover. Is no-more scraping pumice stone really an option? The claim: elimination of rough spots on feet with the touch of a button. If true, this could be a gal’s new sandal-wearing-season BFF! [$37]

New product

5. Duff’s Tie-Dye Cake Mix. “Bakery quality” according to the box. The claim: The grooviest cake you’ll ever make. When I was looking for a picture of the product to put here, I saw one that someone had added the words: WARNING: Don’t buy for your kids. I took that to mean it’s messy to make. But I bet kids and grandkids would have a ball eating it! And it could start a whole discussion about what the word ‘groovy’ means! [$3]

New product

We’re dying to try these things with kind of a you-go-first enthusiasm. Have you tried any? If so, give us the scoop! If not, are you willing to go first?


Are there any products that you’ve been curious about and would like to know if somebody else has tried it? Just ask!

NOTE: All products can be found by putting the name in a search engine to locate multiple purchase options.


  1. #2 hurts like a son-of-a-gun and makes you want to smash it with a sledge hammer. Laser, not so bad, and works long term.

  2. Am curious about the lids. Might order one…someone else needs to be guinea pig on other stuff. 🙂

    1. Can’t wait for your feedback on it! Gina took the hit for us on the tweezer alternative – I think I’ll take a pass after reading her succinct review!

  3. I have seen the cake several times at grocery stores. I think it’s going to be like the pictures on Easter egg dye kits. Messy and the product never come out looking good. I may have to try this weekend.

  4. I’ve tried powdered peanut butter–I am a Skippy Superchunk girl for life, but it’s a viable low-calorie & -fat option to peanut butter. I’m thinking it would also be great in peanut butter cookies, but that may defeat the afore-mentioned low-cal & -fat bonus?

    I’ve made rainbow cupcakes for my kids before… it entailed a plain white cake mix, several small bowls, food coloring and copious amounts of patience. I’m guessing that this cake may entail the same? Overall, my kids still talk about those cupcakes and how much they loved them, so I would say go forth on that one or check Pinterest for a home-grown option.

    1. I’m with ya on the superchunk PB, Mari – preferably slathered on a piece of chocolate bar (I call it an open-faced peanut butter cup). I’m thinking using the powder in cookies – unless it’s just for added flavor – would mean we’d have to find something else for the texture issue – like oil or butter.

      If patience is a key factor to getting that cake done right if kids are involved, it may not be for everybody. Well . . . me. Thanks for the feedback! The only thing we haven’t gotten any input on yet is the callus remover. I may have to bite the bullet and test drive that one-touch magical claim myself! -El

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